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Monday, August 24, 2009

Laurel Hill 3rd Alarm 08-24-09

Around 14:00 Laurel Hill Fire was dispatched to 495 Laurel Hill Ave Building 14, for smoke coming from the roof. Upon arrival They found smoke coming from the front of #3 floor, with heavy fire showing from the rear porch. A 2nd alarm was requested adding Norwich and East Great Plain FD's along with Mohegan Tribal for FAST. Crews stretched several lines to the 3rd floor, vented windows and forced entry to apartment 14K. During this time T0wer-25 was added as the 3rd due truck. Poquetanuck responded two engines for man-power, this was the 3rd. Crews worked the roof and pulled ceilings to gain access to the fire area. In about 30 minutes, They gained head way and brought the fire under control.

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Norwich W/F 08-23-09

Norwich fire was dispatched to 200 Central ave for smoke and fire showing from the building at19:15. Eng-2 arrived and transmitted the working fire in a 2 story 4 plex. Crews made quick work of the fire. The FMO is investgating.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yantic Tanker rollover 395 SB 08-21-09

Yantic Fire responded to 395 SB in the area of Exit 81 E around 11:50 for unknown type of tanker that rolled over with entrapment. On arrival of Car-38 found the truck in the middle of the road with the driver still in the cab with injuries, the content still in the tank, with some minor fluids leaking, Crews stabilized the cab of the tractor and removed the windshield to gain access to the driver. The minor spills were contained. Command requested one engine from EGPFD to the scene for support do to the heat and had one engine from Bozrah stage at Yantic's station. In about 20 Ambulance. mins the driver was removed and transported to Backus by American. DOT,DEP, CSP along with the clean up contractor and towing service cleaning up the highway.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yantic MVA rollover w/pin 08-20-09

Yantic Fire was dispatched around 10:30 to Rt-2&32 Connector East bound near exit 28s for a one car rollover with injuries. Car-3 arrived to find a car on all fours with one occupant with minor injuries. Crews stabilized the PT and car and popped the door with the combi tool. The PT was packaged and transported to Backus by Amarican.I don't usaly post direct photos of the PT's but He asked for a shot to prove to work what happened, As you see he is in good spirits. It also make for a good photo.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Occum 2 car MVA 08-11-09

Occum F.D. was dispatched to the area of 171 Baltic Rd. around 4:25 for a two car head-on with injuries. On arrival 2 heavily damaged vehicles were found with 2 walking wounded and one still in the vehicle. None of the injuries appeared to be life threatening.

New London 2nd Alarm+ 08-11-09

Around 10:15 New London Fire was dispatched for a fire at L&M Hospital near the Ambulance emergency room entrance. As A-11 left HQ they reported heavy smoke in the area. At that time W-15 was added to the incident. On arrival they found heavy fire and thick black smoke showing on the exterior of the building. Command requested a 2nd alarm which added the rest of NLFD and Subase C-25. During this time a off duty NLFD firefighter aided L&M staff with the movement of Patients on the upper floors. At times heavy fire was venting from below grade vents of the building to the third floor exterior. The location was about 30ft down the side of the ER entrance in the bushes. Crews were primarily on exposure protection of the outer in the inner sections of the building. Hospital staff were moving PTs from the exposure areas. Some PTs area being transferred to other hospitals, unknown how many. Firefighters searched all rooms in the exposure and evacuation areas along with some salvage work. The majority of the fire was confined to the lower level electrical rooms. Once they had plenty of foam on location and arrival of Norwich's foam trailer, they began foam operations and the final knockdown of the fire was completed. Over 20 M/A ambulances were on scene from all over the state, DEP, public utilities, NLPD and several other againcies will be operating for sometime.

The photos below are about 30mins into the operation