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Friday, March 24, 2006

Franklin Barn Fire

Franklin CT. March 24, 2006 around 11am WW transmitted a report of a barn fire on Blue Hill Rd. Franklin, Bozrah & Lebanon responded. Ladder 126 arrived and found a storage area for tractors and Hay burning. The main fire building was attached to a large barn full of cows. BFD L-126 placed a blitz fire in operation to stop the fire from spreading to the main barn. E-126 placed a 13/4 handline at the top side of the building to hold this side from spreading. The fire was knocked down in about 20mins. Other departments responded for water and FAST was Baltic, Colchester, Salem & Mohegan Tribe.
Fire self vents Before water is applied from the roof areaA fully involved storage area with hay and a tractor.
BFD LT hits the main body of the fire with the blitz fire.
BFD Firefighter opens roof scuttles for ventilation.Side B view of the fire.
Tankers supply L-126

Monday, March 20, 2006

Yantic fire x2 for March 20, 2006

14:40 Yantic Fire Department responded to a car fire at Octrobando Ave & New London Trpk. Upon arrival crews found a engine compartment fully involved extending to the passengers compartment.
Eng 32s crew, uses the combi tool to open the hood to gain access to the fire.

17:20 Yantic responded to 175 Yantic Lane for a report of an attic fire. A 2nd alarm was requested by car-3 for man power and water supply. This was the first test of the new hydrant system, it passed. The fire extended from the fire place into the walls . The fire was contained one wall.
Firefighters open the outside wall to gain access to expose any extending due to the fire burning through the walls.Car-3 indicates the fire location to Eng-31s crew members.
Yantic firefighters operate on the outside of the building
EGPFD & Mohegan Tribe officers meet with Chief Blanchard for operational orders.

Thanks goes to DJ Casavant & Ryan Flaherty for the photos.

Mystic St. Patrick Day Parade March 19th

March 19th . A chilly day but with a great turn out by all it turned out to be a fun day. Below you will see photos from the New London Firefighters Pipes and Drums marching band and The Eastern Connecticut Emerald Society.
New London Firefighters Pipes & Drums

After the parade, gatherings at the Harp & Hound and 41 North with live music By New London & RI pipers.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gales Ferry condo fire

March, 13, 2006 11:31 Gales Ferry & Ledyard Fire Departments responded for a report of a fire with in the building. Upon arrival firefighters found smoke coming from the first floor of a four unit condo project. A quick knock down by crews kept the fire confined to room of origin. Other departments involved were Subase for FAST, Center Groton & Poquetanuck for coverage.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Day of MVA's March 6, 2006

46 Otrobando Ave.Yantic responded for a one car vs. Telephone pole with fire. Upon arrival crews found a car with front end damaged with a self extinguish engine compartment fire. One PT was boarded and transported to Backus by American. (EDPD thanks for taking the photo's).

Montville CT. About 11:45, 395 exit 79A Montville departments w/East Great Plain responded for a tractor-trailer rollover. This forced the closing of 395 south bound for several hours.

Stonington CT 12:15, Rt 201 & 184 Car vs. Oil truck. Its reported that the occupants of the car was pined and transported by Life Star Helicopter. At this time I have no other info.

Taftville Ct. After 1pm the department responded for a rollover on Oxhill. The car was found to be on its roof. No other info on this call.

Gales ferry House fire

March 6,2006. A small Bedroom fire at 19 Winthrop Rd. was knocked down quickly by Gales Ferry personnel. Its reported that the fire started in a trash can. M/A from Ledyard & Subase responded.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

INFO and New Feature

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From time to time, I will post photos of local emergincy personel and see if anyone guess who it is.
Guess who????

East Great Plain 2 Car

March 3,2006. East Great Plain Fire Department operate at a two car head-on with one person entraped. R-5 & Eng-52's crews use thier Homoltro tool to remove the drivers door and preformed a dash role. Two Patients were transported to WW Backus Hospital by American Ambulance. The operation was compleated in about 30mins in about 25 degree temp.
Firefighters cut the hinges to remove the door.
Preparing the car for the dash role.
American removes one of the patients.
This is for you Tom

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yantic MVA

March 2 2006, Yantic responded for a 2 car head on, Fd personnel found three occupants injured. This accident was about the 4th in two hours during, and this one right after the Bozrah fire.
Fire and EMS crew's work on removing the Patiants from one of the cars

Bozrah CT House fire

Thursday 8:30 Bozrah fire department responded for a report of a house fire at 52 South Rd. On arrival they found the front of the building fully involved extnding into the rest of the building. Car 26 requested mutial aid from East Great Plain, Salem, Gardner lake, Yantic, Mohegan Tribe, Oakdale and Colchester during the incdent. Companies were needed for man-power and water shuttle operations. During the incident small bangs were heard, which turned out to be ammo from the owners collection of guns about 400+ (rifles & hand guns, His father was a former gun sales man). As you will see most of the operation to the 2nd floor was worked and entred by ladders. This is just some of the photos of the incident. Check out Eastern CT Blog, SEasternCT & Bozrah FD(linked at the side of this page) for more shots. Due to being involved with the fire some of the photos were taken by Shane Dupis (thanks Shane hope you liked my Cam.)