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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yantic, Construction Incident 01-27-11

Around 10Am Yantic Fire was dispatched to Otrobando ave for a person that fell about 15ft from a fork lift. While en-rout information stating that the injured party may of hit his head on a beam. Then it was reported that a beam was on the worker. Upon arrival they found the worker in a pile of metal with a bar truss on him. He was severally injured and a trauma alert was called. Crews packaged him after the truss was cut off of him. American transported the PT to Backus. Operation time of about 30min. The building is under going demolition, most of the damage was prior to the incident.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hartford 2nd Alarm 01-18-11

Hartford fire went to 58 Cabot St at 11:05 hours for this 2nd alarm. Fire was on floor #2 of a 3 brick and traveling the walls to floor #3. Members made a nice stop on this fire in another snow/ice storm. One dog was removed and firefighters worked on reviving the animal. One firefighter also transported to the hospital for an unknown injury. More pictures at.

South Windsor W/F 01-18-11

South Windsor fire department responded to 204 Windsorville Rd at 00:05 hours for this working fire. The building was far off the road which resulted in a long hose lay. The members made a quick knockdown. A few more pictures at.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Willimantic, 3rd alarm 1-16-11

Around 00:50 Station "K" was notified by the PD of a building fire at 118 Carey Hill Rd. At that time Willimantic fire was dispatched, when they arrived the found a Vacant 2.5 story dwelling with limited access, with heavy fire coming from the building with exposure's on two sides. Large lines were placed in service. A 2nd alarm was requested by command. Due to the conditions a defensive operation commenced. The fire was confined to the building of origin by the crews. The building was heavily damaged and the fire is under investigation by the FMO. The Mutual aid to the fire consisted of units from the following departments, University of Connecticut, North Windham, South Windham, Mansfield and Columbia

Monday, January 10, 2011

Danielson, W/F 01-10-2011

Danielson fire responded to 162 Broad St for a house fire about 15:30. Crews found heavy fire conditions. Two 2.5 hand-lines were placed in operations as companies arrived. Then master streams placed in operation. The home was heavily damaged. The fire is under investigation.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Norwich, W/F 01-07-11

Norwich Fire responded to 86 Sherman St. at12noon for a reported house fire. Bat-1 found smoke coming from the building and confirmed a working fire then found two injured occupant at least one with burns. Smoke was coming from the 2nd floor rear. Crew upend the roof and made entry to the building to locate the fire. Crews had the fire under control in a few minutes. The occupant were transported to the hospital. Mohegan Tribe responded as the FAST.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Norwich, 2nd Alarm OMD 01-04-11

At 03:10 Norwich Battalion 1 gave a working fire for 24 John St, a 3.5 story wood frame OMD. Heavy fire was visible from Fire HQ. Upon arrival heavy fire was coming out the first floor "B" side extending to the upper floors, Several spot fires were in the yard and a car fire was active too. Its been reported that a O2 tank exploded as the occupant were evacuating the apartment and knocked them down and blew out some window frames.
Crews attacked the main body of fire on the first floor with an 2.5 hand-line and then relocated to the 2nd floor as a second engine company stretched to a separate apartment on the 2nd floor. Tribal Fast responded and Yantic Eng-33 for additional Fast personnel, Car-1 Arrived and requested a 2nd alarm to the scene. Battalion 1, directed 2 members from Yantic to operate a line on the 1st floor due to a flair up, as NFD worked the upper levels. The fire spread fast and took hold of the upper floors and command gave the evacuation orders.
The companies went defensive and shortly after the roof collapsed. EGPFD Ladder 5 worked their way into the yard and used their ladder pipe for knockdown. The fire is under investigation by the FMO. Several occupants were displaced.
More photos at Laddsphotos
This photo was taken about 03:20, Note: trash burning in middle right side of the photo, the engine compartment burning of the car to the left and window frame in the yard next the car.
NFD engine companys operating on the 1st and 2nd floors.
Yantic members operate a 13/4 hand-line on the exterior fires on the orders of Battalion 1Yantic members mask up to enter the 1st floor.Tribal and Yantic FastConditions at Evacuation ordersEGPFDs Ladder 5 operating.

2011 Let the new Year Begin.

2011 Everyone stay safe, See you soon.

2010 Review

A end to another busy year, NLCFP covered around 150 incidents. This is only about a quarter of the severe incidents in my coverage area. Hundreds of other incidents accrued with little to no coverage by NLCFP or even the news. The emergency services are getting busier every year, some departments have had a 20% increase in call volume. In the Norwich area Local and State fire and police officials found and now are prosecuting a arson ring. (great job). But the the normal fire duty still keep coming its a little slower but it's still steady. We all need to stay safe during our incidents.
Below are what I think are the top 10 photos of 2010. This year already has started of with a bang or a boom in the area, As we all hope for no one to injured or lose a home. I will still cover as much as I can with help from my friends around the area. Again if you have photos or video to share please contact me.
In parting I again Thank all the chiefs, firefighters and police access to the incident.
Good luck and stay safe. Rob

Middletown Explosion

Center of Groton, 1505 North RD (Rt-117)

Norwich Fire, Capehart mill

Vernon, live fire training

Yantic's 1891 Stilby Steamer in New London

Hartford, 23 Whitmore St.

Detroit Fire, Harbough & Sire

Detroit fire, 1057 Casgram.

5575 Harvard near Chandler Park Dr.
East Hartford, 356 O'connell Dr.