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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

East Great Plain Car fire, 06-21-10

East Great Plain fire responded to Walmart for a truck fire at approx 16:00 hrs . On arrived the cab and engine compartment were well involved. Truck was parked in the fire lane. How funny is that. Norwich FMO investigated.

Manchester Pin Job 06-20-10

Manchester, Ct Fire Rescue EMS members responded to the area of 788 Center St at 01:03 hours for this accident which required extrication. Quint 1, Engine 2 and Car 5 responded and on Car 5's arrival he special called for Engine 4, Engine 5 and Medic 5. Three people were transported ALS to area hospitals.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Willimantic W/F PVD 06-21-10

Willimantic fire responded to 387 Pleasant St. at 11:45 for a Building fire with numerous calls Engine 301 responded with delay of truck due to a EMS call. Car-101 reports 2.5 sty wd, 40x40 heavy smoke from building, no occupants in building, Requesting truck 101 first due truck do to access issues. Off duty FF's were requested. to man extra engine and truck and respond. UConn responded as FAST. The fire was knocked down quickly and confined to the front of the home. South Windham responded a Engine and air unit. Coventry and Mansfield responded Ambulances.

Full set of photos at
What you can do with an older ladder.

Groton, Poquonnock Bridge 4th alarm+ 06-21-10

Around 00:30, Poquonnock Bridge fire was dispatched to 55 South RD, A Building for heavy fire on the 3rd floor. Also on the assignment Old Mystic 67 (Fast Team), Mystic 57, Sub Base 21, Groton Ambulance, Medic 12. A second alarm was transmitted and eventually went to a fourth alarm. Fire involved several apartments and damaged at least 12 units. A list of units is listed below. No injuries have been reported, the fire is under investigation.
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Companies responded to the Fourth Alarm.
Groton City:

Poquonnock Bridge:

Groton City:



Old Mystic:
Old Mystic Fast

Center Groton:

Sub Base:

Gales Ferry

New London:


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lebanon W/F 06-15-2010

Lebanon Fire Responded in the area of 34 Waterman Rd for a fire in the woods, upon arrival of a officer it was confirmed as a Fully involved house about 500+ ft of the road at 22:30. At that time M/A departments and Tankers were started. Due to limited water supply, Drop tanks were used and then pumped to the fire scene. The fire had a long head start and the house was a loss. The fire is under investigation.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lowell Ma, 2nd Alarm 06-11-10

Lowell, Ma. 2nd Alarm at 175 Westford, St about 10:45 hrs. NFI

North Thompsonville, W/F 06-10-10

North Thompsonville FD (Enfield, Ct) responded to 22 Bernardino Ave for this working fire in a 2 story wood frame, about 1030 hours.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Yantic 3rd Alarm 06-07-10

Around 14:20 hrs Yantic fire was dispatched to 204 Scotland Rd, (a large OMD) for a structure fire, Car 3 & Car 1 were on scene in about a min. Car-3 reported heavy fire from a 2nd floor window and requested M/A along with a Tanker task-force. A quick search by Car-1 and a firefighter of both floors was started. First in engine "32" place a line into operation found the apartment 50% involved with extension into a large attic. Tower 1 and Tower 25's crews vented the roof, as conditions in the attic deteriorated, crews from Yantic, Norwich and Taftville opened up ceilings and knocked down the attic fire. A tanker shuttle was used to set up for water supply. Several pets were removed from the building. The heavy damage was confined to the apartment of origin and some attic areas.

Hartford W/F 06-07-10

Hartford fire responded to 175 Collins St at 0945 hours. Quick knockdown. Fire was on floor #1 of a 3 brick. A few more pictures @.

Yantic, Tanker Drill 06-06-10

On Sunday at 07:30 Yantic started a simulated structure fire drill on Andrea La. of Scotland Rd. In the next few hours several event took place. First about 1400ft. of 5" hose was laid to and engine and Taftville's tower. Fire Drop tanks were set up, 3 fill sites set up at hydrant's about 1.5 miles away. Ten tankers were called from there stations. In a short time around 1000' gpm was flowing. The Goal was met. To all participating department thank for the help. With in 24hrs all departments would be called back to Scotland Rd., for an apartment building fire about 30 lots down the road. Engine 33 2nd due company lay's 1100ft of 5" down Andrea LaEngine 31, 3rd due company lays out to drop site.Draft pumper set up.T-124 Pumps its first load of water as drop tanks are set up.ET-154 starts to fill drop tanksAs water arrives Tower 25 flows waterFill site #1 set up
Fill Site #2