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Monday, September 29, 2008

Norwich, Apartment fire 09-29-08

Norwich Fire responded to 24 Broadway (Fairhaven apartments) around 22:30 for a fire alarm activation. Upon arrival Bat-1 reported nothing showing. Crews made their way to the upper floors and reported smoke on the 2nd floor, then a active fire on the 3rd and requested a line. Crews stretched up a side exterior stairway to reach the fire floor. The fire was knocked down with in min's of arrival. About 30+ occupants were evacuated by the alarm and firefighter. Bat-1 and Car-1 discus the operation Trible FAST arriving

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yantic Industrial plant fire. 08-27-08

Around 9:am Yantic was dispatched to 31 Wawecus St for a reported fire in the building at Industrial copper producer. Car -3 arrived and reported light smoke coming from the castor section building, a 400Lx200Wx40H section of the building. E-32 crew and car-139 recon the area and found an active fire in the vent pipe and trench area. The area contains oily graphite residue. A line was requested and placed in operation at the entry point to stop the spread to the 2nd floor. 139 continued with the recon and found a fire breaking out under the smelter at the other end of the trench about 100' away. Two foam lines were placed in operation with 2 back up water lines. The fire was contained in about a half hour. M/A was requested from Taftville, EGPFD, Norwich's foam trailer, several departments were placed in cover assignments.
The following photos were taken for recon, I take them to show the plant engineers the extent of the fire and location. Due to the copper smelting and water reactive locations in the building.

fire extends under the oven's

Under the oven coming from a hopper

Due to the flash and after some water was applied steam emanates from the trench fire was showing between the metal plates.Same area as above after the plates were removed

Vent shaft to 2nd floor and roof.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Manchester, Rescue 09-19-08

On Sept 19th Manchester Fire Rescue EMS and Glastonbury FD members working to remove injured bike rider from Case Mountain.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taftville Apartment fire, 09-12-08

At 5:am Taftville Fire responded to 75-77 Norwich Ave for a reported Apartment fire with occupants still in side. We the the engine crew stretched in they found smoke conditions deteriorating, They called for a outside vent. As the ovm took the window heavy fire raced up the back of the building, the engine crew made this fire room and knock down the fire within minutes. The fire was quickly contained. M/A from Occum and FAST from Yantic. Photo from

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Ceremony Norwich

At Norwich City Hall this morning, one of the 9-11 ceremonies threw out the state today, was held with the Mayor and city manager. All Norwich services attended

Preston, House Explosion. 09-11-08

Around 16:30 Preston and Pouqetanuck Responded to 402 Rt-2 for a house fire with explosion. On arrival they found part of the house blown out in the front and the rear wall moved off the foundation. They investigating they cause.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Engine 260, Sept 2008

In between rain showers Patrick visted the Engine 260 Muster and truck show Below are some of his photos, enjoy

For you EMS folks

Thursday, September 04, 2008

montville (Mohegan District) 08-03-08

Around 21:30 Mohegan, Montville and Mohegan Tribe responded to 38 Fitch Hill Rd. for a house fire. On arrival they found a full involved two car garage with extension to a 1 story house. One occupant was treated and transported to Backus for injuries sustained from the fire. The fire was under control in about 40 mins.
Crews use a blitz fire to knock down the fire

M15 crew opens the roof
Smoke twister