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I welcome you to my blog site; I hope to show you the fire service in NLC in some interesting events. During the next few years, I will improve on the content and photos to keep you coming back for more. I take pride in my photography and try my best to be first in when possible. The majority of the photos will be from the Norwich companies & surrounding area departments, but sometimes I Buff out of state cities for a change of pace.

As of late I have missed or worked a lot of the incidents. I have a great support group of Photographers to help the site keep up with all the incidents. There are too many to list, So thanks for your support. Thanks for visiting and enjoy .RD Ladd

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Yantic, W/F 01-29-09

Yantic fire responded to Huntington Ave, For a report of a possible house fire. First arriving firefighter reported smoke showing. Followed by arrival of Car-3 upgrading it to a working fire. The fire was in the utility room in the basement of a 200 year old home. The main body of the fire was knocked down with in min's of arrival. 2 lines went in operation to the basment and 1 st floor due to exstention. The fire follwed the pipe chases into the kitchen and bathroom. Both rooms were taken apart due to the construction of the home. After chaseing several hot spots the fire was placed under control in about one hour. Bozrah and Taftville were placed in staging, both sent one crew to the scene for overhaul. Mohegan trible provided F.A.S.T. One injury was reported after a fall on the ICE. The temp was about 12 deg's,

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hartford 2nd Alarm 01-26-09

Hartford fire responded to 167 Martin St around 09:30the fire went to a 2nd alarm. The fire was in a Vacant 3 story wood frame. Heavy fire conditions were found on the first floor. The fire made its way up to the attic. One firefighter was injured. E-14 who was around the corner at a medical call, they transmitted the W/F.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Plainfield W/F 01-23-09

Plainfield Fire and M/A companies were dispatched around 13:00 for a report of a house fire on arrival of first due officer he reported smoke from the rear of the building. After heading up a long driveway it was changed to fire from the rear of the house declaring a working fire. More M/A tankers were added to the assignment, all water need to be trucked in. The home was a 2 storied WF with a "A" frame on the front. Within minutes the fire took hold of the entire house. A blitz fire was placed into operation on the window of the "A" frame. After the front was knocked down hand-line went to work. The fire spread to the attic area and self vented as crews worked to control the fire. In about a hour the main body of fire was knocked down. The crews overhauled the fire for some time after. The blitz fire going into operationMoosup firefighters prepare to advance on the rear of the buildingWalking the line looking for kinks
(after escaping the building) water supply

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yantic shredder truck fire 01-15-09

Around 17:47; Yantic fire was dispatched to a truck fire behind the former Yantic River INN, on arrival they found a large box truck full of shredded paper with smoke coming from the rear. (this fire was just before Norwich transmitted the 2nd alarm on Hobart St.) Yantic contained the fire to the rear box, Then removed the load of paper to extinguish the fire.

Monday, January 19, 2009

River in the Mall 01-19-08

Tonight around 17:30 Yantic responded to the Dress Barn reported that the store was flooding. On arrival of Car-3 he found a river of water coming into the store. With in minutes water was heading out the front door. The water was 1 to 6 inches deep from the dress barn to the old Book store to the rear of Suburban Stationary. The rear of the store a 6" water main valve cracked in half, filling half the mall with several hundred thousand gallons of water. Luckily only one occupied store was affected by the water. (Note: most of the mall has been vacant for sometime for rehab).
Suburban Stationary
with about 2-3 inches of water the blow out area
The pipe that let go

Friday, January 16, 2009

Misquamicut, RI W/F 1-16-09

Around 13:00 Misquamicut fire(RI) and Watch Hill, was dispatched for a house with black smoke coming from the door at, 465 Atlantic Ave. Chief 201 confirmed smoke from the building and added Westerly (engine) and Dunns conner for FAST. The fire was in the rear of the 3rd floor. Crews held the fire to that area. They were hampered by non working hydrants and cold weather.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Norwich 3rd Alarm 01-15-09

Around 17:20; Norwich fire responded to 58 Hobart Ave, for a reported possible structure fire. On arrival nothing visible. Within min's a working fire was transmitted for the 3rd floor. The house was set on a hill, with about a 15' high walkway to the home. Crews found fire on the 3rd floor and reported fire below them in the floor. Condition deteriorated an took hold of the 3rd floor. Crews made a good push but were unable to gain control until the vent was made. Soon after the main body of fire was knocked down. For a while crews hunted down the hidden pockets of fire. The Temp was about 9degs out, with icing conditions. Companies on scene, Norwich, Mohegan Tribe, Taftville, East Great Plans and Laural hill do to the weather conditions extra companies were requested. The 3rd floor starts to light up

Engine co making the stretch to the 3rd floor (coveted attic)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 a New Year

We begin a new year, it will be my fourth with this blog. Last year we had some interesting events and some great photos. We reached 123200 visitors last year. For a local site I think this was great, Thanks for stopping by. Again with out my friends aiding me with this site. Many events would not of been covered.

This year we branched out to the center of the state with Patrick's photos. Even though I worked most of the fire and only took about ten photos, the Peachtree fire I think was the most interesting for me. Below I have posted 10 of the photos I liked this year, I missed some of the bigger fires or operated at them this limited the photos. So far little to no action as of yet. But we will see if like last few years, the south picks up first.

I hope to continue to bring you some of the best and biggest action that accrues in this section of the state. Remember if you would like to see your departments or your photos/video posted, please contact me. Thanks again to all my correspondence and you for supporting this site.
Willimantic tower 101 and UConn tower 122 Ledyard firefighters at Foxwoods PGFD firefighter at Kens tackle City of Groton Barn fire in Salem Yantic firefighters, operating at Yantic st in Norwich Clochester salvage yard fire Manchester silo fire Norwich Central AveBozrah Firefighters at a fire in Franklin Live fire training in Salem