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Monday, September 25, 2006

Cars, boat & transformer fires from the mid 90s

Below are past fires from about 8 years ago,
that I thought I would share with you.
East Great Plain, Engine compartment fire w/a fire twister on the hood.
East Great Plain fire department, Car fire RT-32
(location across from the Norwich Inn and spa)

Norwich fire department, Boat fire. This late fall boat fire destroyed by a fast moving fire, due to the cities fire boat being removed from the river about 2hrs before for winter storage. Handlines and a floating pump was needed to extinguish this fire.

Submarine Base Fire Department, An electrical vault and transformer exploded and burned, several mutual aid departments responded, due to over 15 Box alarms and smells of smoke until the source of the problem was found .

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New apparatus

In recent months several new apparatus have been placed in-service in Lebanon,
Bozrah, Niantic and Taftville.
Lebanon, Ct. Et-206 Pierce Contender (in-service)
Taftville Tower-25, 100' Ferrara ( in-service this weekend)
Niantic B-15, 100' Smeal (in-service)
Bozrah, Ct. ET-126, US Tanker 2700gln. w/a 1500gpm pump.
(in-service end of the month)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Past fires IV

Still quite in the area during the last month, so below some more past fires.
(The calm before the storm).
Camden, NJ. Oct 30, 1993 (Devils Night) Below are two of the fires that we buffed that year. First fire was in a vacant apartment building, about 8pm at night. The 2nd fire was involved 3 single family homes, about 11pm. CFD and mutual aid companies open up the building to reach the seat of the fire.
The back side if the building, after opening up, fire breaks out of the 2nd floor. Crews ladder the building and pre-pair to enter.
Fire erupts from the front of an vacant house after firefighters
removed the plywood and vent the windows.
CFD Eng-11 mans a 2.5 attack line as heavy fire takes over the front of the house, Both exspoures were damaged.
The two above were in firehouse magazine.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Past fires III

Its been slow the last 3 weeks so I dug out some older photo's for your viewing pleasure.
Norwich fire department January 1(2000 or 2001 I will look up) around 12:01. Units responded to Mechanic St. For a reported house fire. Units found smoke coming from the building. From the side a glow was noticed with in 2nd floor side window. Within min's the window self vented and fire spread to the rear porch. A 2nd alarm was transmitted for East Great Plan FD. Due to construction and flammable liquids the fire spread to the attic area. Its was reported that the occupant set the fire.
First two photos were taken within 2-3 mins of FD arrival

Tower 1(now truck 1) tries to get into Poisson to vent the roof. Due to trees blocking the area this operation was abandoned.
Firefighter make entry to the 2nd floor rear.

(above: Cover shot New England addition of 1st Responder)

firefighters Carter after venting the 2nd floor windows.Heavy black smoke vents from the "A" side attic window.Fire vent from all side of the roof line.Heavy fire Vents from the "A" side a Norwich firefighters opens a handline to knock down the fire.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Red Coats Burn New London 9-02-06

Sept 2nd-Saturday morning 9:30, Red Coats and loyalist fought it out in the streets of New London. (Again.) Setting fire to the Shaw mansion and holding siege to the fire department HQ's. Red Coats hold siege to fire department head quarters
Red Coats plunder and break dishes from the house, as smoke starts to come from the lower section of the building.
This was an reactment of the burning of New London and later this day, the Battle of Fort Griswold in Groton. New London fire Department added with the event by providing thier smoke machine.