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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Franklin MVA, Armored Truck 03-30-08

The Franklin Fire Department responded to a report of a 2 car MVA upon arrival it was found to be a Dunbar armored truck into the woods and had taken down several large trees with the driver and passenger still inside the truck. Removal of the driver and passenger was prolonged do to the amount of money still on board the truck. The passenger would not leave until released by a authorized official. The driver was removed and transported to WWBH with minor injuries and the passenger refused transport. Franklin was assisted by Yantic heavy rescue and Bozrah R-526 as well as Lebanon Fire Police. Route was closed for about 3 hours.

photos by car 25 Bill Hayes and Dorri Hayes

Dunbar story makes it to a Dutch web site.

Also see a video of a armed car roll over in Toronto about 5 post in on the site. The video is below the photos. (it's in English)

Yantic/East Great Plain Chimney fire 03-30-08

Yantic and East Great Plain responded to North Wawecus Hill Rd for a Chimney fire. The fire was confined to the flue. Due to the build up within the chimney crew operated at the location for over a hour.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Norwich 2nd Alarm w/rescue. 03-28-08

Norwich Fire responded to 358 Hamilton Ave. Unit 18 early Friday afternoon for an apartment fire. Eng-2 Reported heavy fire from the 3rd floor before arrival. Crews made their way into the building they found 2 occupants in the building, one was unresponsive in her bedroom. The occupant was removed and transported to Backus by American. A 2nd alarm was transmitted and Taftville and Laural Hill responded. Crews worked the fire apartment for about a hour to locate hot spots. Car-1 Directs 2nd in-crews before entering.
Removal of the victim by Norwich Firefighters

Friday, March 21, 2008

Manchester, Ct W/F 03/21/08

Manchester responded to 52 Glenwood St. 2 1/2 wood fire floor 1. Crews found a fire in kitchen in rear with extension to front of floor 1. Crews made a quick stop.Thanks to Patrick Dooley

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vernon 2nd Alarm. 03-08-08

2nd alarm in Vernon at 37 South St, Ct on sunday 3/8/08. Two fires accured at this location on this day. These pictures are from the second fire.
Photos by Patrick Dooley

Monday, March 10, 2008

Canterbury, W/F 03-10-08

Around 10am, Canterbury Fire was dispatched to Brooklyn RD for a reported house fire. On arrival they found a fire spreading through out the dwelling. Crew worked the building until command ordered a personnel form the building. They operated for about a hour to get the fire under control, Then for several more for overhaul. M/A from Central Village, Hampton-Chaplin, Mortlake, Scotland.operated at the scene.

House for sale any takers

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yantic car fire 03-06-08

Around 7am Yantic responded to CSC on Winneden RD for a engine compartment fire, On arrival they found the compartment heavily involved with fire extending in to the passengers compartment.

Engine 32 & 33

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gales Ferry Fire/Haz-mat 03-06-08

Gales Ferry and Ledyard responded to a reported fire in a pump house on the grounds of a industrial facility. On arrival they found a small building with smoke coming from it with a small fire within it. Units also found a Burn victim that exited the building. Crews knockdown the fire. During this time C-25 SBFD was requested, Then after investigating the fire building C-26 Haz-mat was requested for acid leak from a battery bank. A worker was burned after a engine for the fire pumps had a failure and blew a hole in the side of it. Crews contained the leak and turned it over to State DEP.

I was requested to remove some of the photo's by the company see letter below.

Dear Firefighter Ladd,
I happen to come across your blog at and want to say that it certainly reminds folks about how brave and important firefighters are! Just seeing photos of the apartment building fire and car accidents, says volumes about how important fire departments are to the well being of a community. I know that our plant in Gales Ferry appreciated very much the quick and efficient response to the pump house fire we had in March.

I see that you have photos of that event on your blog as well. This is certainly not a reflection of the high respect we have of you and your department, but I am hoping that you will remove the photos for two important reasons: one, we are in an extremely competitive industry and our competitors routinely scan the Internet for information about us and their other competitors. They can determine how we make our products by the layout and type of process equipment we have, information that can be determined through a photograph. This can undermine the competitive edge we bring to the market and the success of our business and operations in Gales Ferry. Secondly, due to heightened chemical plant security, we do not want photographic information about our site broadly available to the those who might use it to breach our security. That is why we have a policy forbidding photographs from being taken on our property without prior consent.

I hope you understand and if I can explain further, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again for your service to the community and stay safe!

Best regards,


Rosemarie Rung
Public Affairs Leader
US Small Sites
The Dow Chemical Company
Phone: 603.424.8024
Fax: 603.424.7015
Cell: 603.440.5379

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New London W/F 03-05-08

New London Fire responded to 86 Ledge Rd for a reported building fire. On arrival a Working fire was transmitted. Crews knocked down a Kitchen fire with in mins of arrival. Damage was contained to the apartment.