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Friday, February 17, 2017

Ledyard (Gales Ferry) District 2nd Alarm 02-17-07

 More info and Photos will be posted later
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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Wethersfield W/F 1-29-17

Wethersfield fire responded to Crest St & Western Blvd. for a building fire, they arrived and found private swim club building well involved on arrival about 1430 hours. 
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

East Lyme (Niantic) W/F 01-24-17

Niantic and Flanders fire was dispatched around 07:30 for smoke in the area of blackpoint. B-1 arrived at 106 Old Black Point Rd., to find heavy fire in a two car garage with several exposures. The first in engine arrived to heavy fire conditions in two bays of the garage self venting and a large motor home and a vehicle on fire. It was reported that a occupant was evacuated from the exposure building 5 feet from the main fire. Crews placed a 2.5 hand-line in operation and then added a blitz fire and several other lines for attack and exposure protection. The crews stopped the fire from extending in to the occupied apartment next door, High winds hampered fire operations at first. The fire was under control in about 20 mins. The incident is under investigation. 


Saturday, January 07, 2017

Hartford W/F+ 01-05-17

At 2146 hours Hartford fire dispatched, north end companies to the area of Deerfield Ave & Greenfield St. for a structure fire. First due Engine 14 arrived to find heavy smoke showing from a vacant building at 59 Deerfield Ave. Companies made a good push in knocking down fire on floor's #1&2 but were unable to get into the attic due to holes in the floors. Command decided to then go defensive. Two extra engine's and an addition ladder were special called. 
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Saturday, December 31, 2016

East Great Plain, (Norwich) 3rd Alarm 12-31-16

Around 3:00 Norwich fire dispatched East Great Plan Fire Department to 598 West Main St. for a reported building fire. Fire due found fire showing from the D side window with smoke coming from the roof line. A 2nd Alarm was requested Norwich responded with tower 1, Engine 3 and Battalion 1. Crews placed a 2.5 line in operation and set the ladder to the roof, Crews entered the the building for a few minutes and in short time fire broke threw the roof. Do to the additions and remodeling over the years, Crews went defensive and called for a 3rd alarm. This brought Yantic engine 33, Laurel Hill HT-6, Taftville tower 25 and Engine 21. Heavy fire consumed the old style strip mall. Crews worked for several hours to bring it under control. 

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Thompson 3rd Alarm 12-29-16

Around 22:00 Thompson Hill fire was dispatched to Thompson congregational church, 347 Thompson Rd for a fire alarm. With in a short time command reported light smoke on the 1st floor, then they found heavy smoke on floor two, with in a few minutes the interior crew found heavy fire in the sanctuary, A 2nd alarm was requested. Several lines had been placed in operation,  crews encountered high heat and discovered heavy fire condition. At one point fire made it to the Steeple, that tower opened up the windows a knocked the fire back into the main structure and knocked down the fire to the rear of the attic space. Crews worked from safe locations to keep the fire spreading to the addition and to keep in the rear of the building. Once a positive water supply was established, the knocked down all heave fire in the building. The companies worked to overhaul and salvage the area for the hidden pockets of fire. The fire went to 3 alarms, With departments from Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

link to a large set of photos.