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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Willimantic, 3rd alarm 02-24-09

Around 13:30 Willimantic fire was dispatched for a building fire at 138 Chapman St. (Note they were operating at a EMS and now are running short) As they arrived the found a 2.5 story wf apartment building with a fire on the first floor spreading rapidly. In a very short time command requested a 2nd alarm. The crew made a aggressive attack on all floors as the the fire made its way to the top floor via the void spaces. On the third floor they attempted to make a push but due the the heavy fire conditions along with changing winds. Command with drew the firefighters as the roof sagged and the burned trough. As the towers were placed into operation over the power lines as heavy fire vented from the rear of the roof. After a short time, of master stream operations the heavy fire was knocked down.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bozrah Shed fire 03-12-09

Around 09:50 Bozrah and Automatic Mutual aid responded to 468 Fitchville Rd. for a building fire. on arrival of ladder 126 they found a shed for a furnaces about 1/2 involved. They made a quick knock down with a blitz fire, and confined the fire to the involved area. The furnaces was up and running the next day.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thompson Box Trailer fire 02-14-09

Community Fire was dispatched for smoke in the area, first officer on the air reported heavy smoke in the area. First due found a box trailer with recycled computer parts heavily involved. Due to its contents M/A Tankers and DEP Foam Trailer were requested.

Windsor attic fire. 02-14-09

Windsor, Ct had a W/F in a 1 1/2 brick cape at 54 Mack Dr.. Crews found heavy smoke from the attic. Fire mostly contained to a small attic area.

West Hartford, 3rd Alarm 2/11/09

Around 15:20, West Hartford responded to 27 The Crossing
for fire reported coming from the basement windows. The house appeared to be around 3000 sq.ft. Crews reported heavy fire conditions in the basement area. after attempts to contain the fire to the basement command ordered a exterior operations. Mutual aid to cover and to the scene.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Baltic W/F 02-04-09

Baltic Fire responded to 148 High St. for a possible building fire, They found fire showing on side B from a 2nd floor window. Crews stretched in and made a quick knock down and overhauled the room and exterior of the window frame.

Monday, February 02, 2009

North Stonington Garage fire 02-01-09

North Stonington Fire responded to a report of a garage fire at 32 Yawbux Valley Road around 1pm. Upon arrival the homeowner was using a garden hose to extinguish the fire. Fire was kept to the exterior of the building. Cause of the fire was from a burn barrel to close to the house. NSFD had fire knocked down within 10 minutes.

Canterbury Trailer fire, 01-31-09

Around 8:pm Canterbury fire responded to Kinne Rd. in the area of Water street, for a trailer fire, first due found Heavy fire on arrival.

Manchester car fire, 01-31-09

Manchester fire responded to 215 Keeney St around 23:25 for a car fire on arrival found an engine compartment fire.

Glastonbury Chimney fire, 01-31-09

Glastonbury FD operating at a chimney fire at 979 Neipsic Rd.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lebanon W/F 01-30-09

Around 8:am, Lebanon and several other fire departments were dispatched to RT-32 for a reported building fire, The address was not known at first. The fire was located in the small section that Lebanon covers at the Franklin boarder. First arriving companies found heavy smoke showing from a "L" shaped small mix use building complex. A request for a ladder and several tanker were requested. In a short time heavy fire vented from the eve's. Fire spread to two exposure's in a short time had damaged both. The tankers shuttled the water from near by water source. The temp was around 19.Heavy fire vents from the primary fire building Willamantic Tower 1
Firefighter move a 2.5 on sold ice.