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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baltic shed fire . 5-30-06

May 29, 2006. Just before the start of the Memorial Day parade, firefighters noticed a smoke cloud coming over the trees, With in a minute Baltic was called for the a report of a shed fire, in rod & gun club area of town. At this time I do not have the info on the location. Baltic with Franklin tanker responded.
Firefighters wet down the remains of the shed.

.Below, level 2 Staging area for the fire.
Note: The fire was at the beginning of their memorial Day parade.

Old Mystic Ct. MVA 5-31

Old Mystic & Poquonnock Bridge responded to I-95 for a report of a car off the road on fire w/entrapment. 5 ambulances were requested to transport the occupants from the car. Crews extricated at least two victim's from the car which was down over the embankment about 25ft. unknown if any fire was discovered at this time. Ambulances that responded were Mystic River x3, Groton x1 and Subase x1. Along with 2 L&M Medics and one from Mohegan Tribe.Not shown in photo, crews are operating on backside to extricate the driver.

EMS personnel package one of the occupant of the car.

Groton CT. 3 car head-on. 5-30-06

Noank section, A 3 car MVA head-on with entrapment on Groton Long Point Rd. & Windrose Dr. Noank, Poquonnock Bridge , Mystic & Subase ambulance's along with L&M Medics responded . FD Personnel extricated three patients with-in 20mins. Patients were transported to L&M hospital.This photo was taken about 30mins after the call was placed under control.
When we returned the medic.

Yantic MVA vs House, Washington St. 5-29-06

Monday May 29, at 14:46 Yantic Fire responded to Washington St. & Lafayette St. For a two car with one car into a house. Upon arrival crews found one car with minor damage to the passengers side. The 2nd car was found on the front steps of the house, The occupant was an elderly female w/minor injuries.Norwich police officer Directing traffic, with FD personnel checking on the occupant. (note the second car is in the bushes behind the people on the side walk).
In the middle of this photo is the car (Gold) on the front porch.
One of are finest tow truck drives hard at work............. 30min into the removal of the car. ( This is one way to turn the wheel......)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Groton CT. MVA 5-21-06 Poquonnockbridge

Sunday around 7:15 am. A two vehicular MVA at RT-184(Gold Star Hwy) & Kings Hwy. w/serious injuries. Poquonnock bridge FD, Groton Ambulance & L&M Medics responded. They found a pick-up and a suv in the intersection with heavy damage and a person trapped in the suv. Life star was called for transport (later canceled due to flight time), Subase C-25 was called in to handle the landing zone. The pt. Was transported by ground to the hospital.
PGFD, Groton Ambulance & L&M Medics tend to the patient.

Area map

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Norwich, Vacant warehouse 5-20-06

About 2:30 am, The City of Norwich fire department, responded for a fire in a vacant 6-story warehouse on Terminal way off of Shipping St. On arrival they found fire showing on the "D" side, in two large windows in the rear section of the building. Crews forced entry and advanced a 1.75 hand-line to extinguish the fire. Other companies called in due to the size of the building were East Great Plain FD. & Mohegan Tribe, for F.A.S.T operations.
This Photo is dark But to the center fire showing to the rear of the "D" side.
Norwich firefighters preparer to enter the building.
Map of Terminal way.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Eastern CT Emerald Society is Very Sad to Announce the Passing of a Teacher, a Mentor, and a Friend
Daniel T. Keogh

West Mystic - Daniel Thomas Keogh, 56, of 2 Appletree Lane, West Mystic, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at his home on April 30, 2006.
Former Chief of the Poquonnock Bridge Fire Department and fire prevention officer for the Mashantucket Fire Department. Please see link below for full information.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yantic Car fire Rt 2-32

Yantic responded for a car fire on Rt 2&32 connector near Backus Hospital. Upon arrival of Car 239 found a fully involved car. Crews from Eng 32 extinguished the fire, with back-up from Eng -31 & 33. The cause of the fire in under investigation. Photo from Eng 32 on arrival.
The two following photos were added on May 8th
Yantic firefighters start to extinguish the car fire.
The two photo's were taken by Pat Coleman EGPFD.
Crews wet down the car after knock down.
Eng 31 & 33 in back ground.