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Friday, March 30, 2007

Preston house fire. 03-30-07

Preston Ct. RT –12 #69 A single story W/F private dwelling burned due to the occupant was burning brush to the rear of his home. The homeowner’s pile got way from him and started the grass/brush to the rear of the home it spread to his home and a camper. When companies arrived they found the back of the house a blaze with the wooded area burning. The woods fire had 2 more homes as extreme exposures, with some others close by. Due to the exposures extra companies were called in. The fire burned up the rear of the house in several locations and made its way into the attic space of the house. Crews protected the exposures and opened the void spaces in the home to bring the fire under control in about 30mins. Crews from Poquetanuck, Preston City, Mohegan Sun, Gales Ferry, Ledyard and the Submarine Base fire departments responded. Other units were Canteen 1, CSP and American Rehab responded. Mohegan Tribe Chief, (Chaney) directs his crews
as fire spreads from the house.
Fire runs through the bushes Poquetanuck firefighters waiting for waterMTFD sets up a blitz fire
Poquetanuck firefighter opening up
Gales Ferry's crew knock down the grass fire under the trailer
PC-1 Cassey formerly (Car 10 of Norwich)

Crews work open up a 2nd vent hole on a addition

Subase "2nd due" F.A.S.T

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yantic, MVA leads to industral fire 03-24-07

Around 5:30 am, Yantic Fire was dispatched for 2 calls, 1 was a fire alarm at a Dr's office the 2nd was for a MVA @ West town st and Wawescus St. (truck Vs. utility pole). Units split their response and headed to their respective calls. On arrival of the MVA units found a Box truck with a broken utility pole and live wire laying on the truck. Some how the operator navigated the wires and walk to a safe location be fore FD., arrived. The fire alarm turned out to related to the power outage. During this time a report of a fire at Phelps Dodge, Copper Co. came in and Car -3 relocated Eng-32 and 31 to the fire. (Rescue 3 remained a the MVA) After investigating units found a small fire from over flowing copper. Car-3 filled the assinment with End -33 & SQ-36. Crews located as many dry-powder extinguishers and knocked down the fire, After the product cooled, a hand-line wasused to soak down the area. West town St. @ True Value
Crews set up dry-powders before knocking down the remander of the fire

Final knock down with a hand-line

Friday, March 23, 2007

My good friend "Q"

Look what a little Bird found and turned over too me, LOL
It's pay back time!!!
Q in his younger days "Q" Dream was to be a fireman, He even made it to the Big Screen.... Look how young he looks.... LOL

Colchester 2nd Alarm, 03-23-07

Around 09:30 Colchseter Fire was dispatched to a house fire at 31 Hammond Court. First arriving companies found smoke showing from Side "D" with an exposure about 5ft away. At that time a 2nd alarm was transmitted. Crews made entry to side "D" of the building as fire vented and exstended up the side of the building. They made entry and knocked down the main body of fire in the rear of the first floor. A 2nd team made their way to the #2 floor then attic to control the fire. As additional units arrived they replaced first in crews for overhaul. Several pets were removed from the building and taken to the local Vets. Additional companies were Hebron fire, Salem E-121, Gardner Lake ET-127, Bozrah L-126 and CSP. The fire is under investigation By Colchester FMO A tight fit.

Colchester firefighter open the roof looking for extension

Pets being removed to Vets.
Next in Bozrah
For a short video see Colchester link to the side of the page.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bozrah Fire, Duplex 03-20-07

At around. 4:20 p.m Bozrah Fire was dispatched with mutual aid from Yantic,Franklin,and the Tribal Fast Team to # 105 Fitchville Rd. for a Structure Fire with possible entrapment. Yantic units arrived first finding a single story home with heavy fire showing from the B,C and D side. A Primary search was done finding no victims inside the structure. East Great Plains was called to the scene as well for manpower. The Fire is under investigation by both Local and State Fire Marshals Office.
Info by Bill Wheeler

Next photos from Bozrah Fire

Looking for more photos. Hopefully I will have some soon

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yantic W/F Pleasent St. 03-11-07

Sunday at 13:09 , Yantic responded to 11 Pleasant St. for a reported house fire. On arrival Car -3 reported smoke and fire showing from the front of the building. Crews entered the building to find smoke banked down to the floor with 0 visibility. With in minuets they found the bedroom and knocked down the main body of fire, as crews vented the roof and searched the house.The home had heavy smoke damage and one room was gutted. 2nd alarm Co's were placed on stand-by and Mohegan Tribe came in as F.A.S.T, American provided rehab, Norwich PD worked traffic control. P O'Connell and Ladd on the Line, making entry

Chief Blanchard watches as the smoke condition thicken

D Lathrop and R O'Connell

Murray, Clement and Manfredi vent the roof

Clement & Murray with the saw

Cubanski and Barss remove a mattress