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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Manchester 12-13-11

Manchester fire responded to a 2 car MVA  entrapment on Brookfield St by the high school on at 11:39 hrs. The MVA involved a MPD car. One police officer and 4 others were transported to area hospitals. NFI

Middletown, 2nd Alarm 12-08-11

Middletown responded to 31 Green St., around 2pm for a building fire. They found the rear of the building on fire with exposures B&D also involved. Command transmitted a 2nd alarm. The fire spread into the attic of the primary building. NFI

New London W/F 12-05-11

 New London fire A-31,35,11,100, BC 1 on the initial responded too 2 Boulevard Ct., for a house fire, Battalion upgraded the assignment due to multiple calls, A- 21,25,200. A-31 arrived and reported the front of the house fully involved on the outside. The Battalion requested the medic for injured occupant, They were transported to L&M. Crews knocked down the fire in a short time, Majority of the damage held to the exterior of the building.