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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baltic Car fire 04-28-09

Baltic responded this morning, to 24/26 Plain Hill Rd., For a reported car fire. The fire was confined to the engine compartment.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A rare event. Hartford's Water tower 04-26-09

At the The Fire Museum the year was 1991, the last time they had the Water tower out for a demonstration. The day was perfect for the showing, The truck had a minor rough start but made three trips this day. The 1911 American water tower. Originally horse drawn, the tower was motorized in 1915 with an American-British tractor. It was in service in Hartford until the 1950’s, and was the only water tower to operate in Connecticut!
Several photographers were on hand along with the owner of Fire Apparatus Journal John Calderone. I could not stay for the full event so Patrick forward me the photos of the pumping demonstration.

More Photos located at:

The Fire Museum Visit 04-26-09

I visited The Fire Museum in Manchester Ct. I was very sup prized at how original the building was it was link walking into a fire station from the 1800s. The Museum is only open every once in a while. But for the Buffs interested in the older equipment it is worth the wait. Below is some of the photos from the visit. I will be adding the photos of a rear event at the museum next. See my full photo site for all of the photos from the visit.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Norwich, Car into building 04-16-09

Norwich Fire responded to 400 block of East Main St for a car vs building involving propane tanks. battalion 1 advising one occupant in the vehicle, is trapped by debris. The Location was Castle pizza The building sustained heavy damage along with leaking propane leaking. Crews removed the occupant and controlled the leaks.

East Hartford, 2nd Alarm 04-16-09

East Hartford fire, Responded to the corner of Main St & Stanley St. at 1515 hrs. A W/F was transmitted before 1st due company arrived. Members operating on floor # 3 was confronted with heavy fire conditions and made a great attempt at trying to bring this under control before being removed from building so ladder pipe could go to work. One member transported to hospital for a head injury. Released after seeing doctor. Many more pictures can be viewed at

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

East Hartford, W/F 04-14-09

East Hartford fire responded to 87 Roxbury Rd at 1200 hrs for a fire in a single story wood frame. Ladder 2 was first due reporting heavy fire showing from the attic. A nice stop was made by all on scene. More pictures will be posted at

Yantic W/F, Roof fire 04-14-09

Around 3am, A fire alarm was received for WW Backus Hospital, Yantic, Norwich and Taftville (5-2&1 response) Note: Sq-A was added due to a delay with Eng-3 and Tower1 clearing a fire alarm. As they responded dispatch reported smoke coming from the roof of the Maintenance building. Crews confirmed smoke from the roof area and investigated when the arrived on the roof they notified command of a fire in a flat roof. At that time Mohegan FAST was requested and Lines were stretched and crews opened up the fire area and confined the fire to a 10x10 section. The fire was under control in about 20 mins. The Hospital staff was on the ready if the need for occupant removal was required. The FMO is investigating

Yantic, Brush fire. 395 SB 04-13-09

Yantic Fire Responded mid-afternoon to 395 SB 1/2 mile North of exit 82 for a brush fire. On arrival they found 2 small fires, one in the median and one off to the side of the SB lane. The SB Lane was closed for about 10 Min's to control the fire.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

City of Groton 1st Alarm 04-12-09

Around 18:00 the City of Groton was dispatched with G-35 & G-33 to 14 School St. for a reported Kitchen fire. (note: G-15 OOS, and G-27 at a medical). The PD reported fire showing from the building. First units on scene requested a first alarm. The fire was contained to the first floor and the eve of the building.

Lisbon MVA/ rollover 04-12-09

Lisdon responded to Rt-12, just south of Lisbon Landing on River Rd. A car Vs. Utility pole w/rollover late Easter Sunday morning left minor injuries and disrupted schedules for residences with electric cooking facilities and C.L.& P. linemen.

Hartford 2nd Alarm 04-12-09

Hartford fire responded to 35 Annawan St. at 0010 hrs. Fire was in an occupied 2 1/2 wood frame. From the sound of the radio the fire may have started in the basement and traveled up. Members were pulled out for a short time so tower ladders could go to work. Many more pictures on Patrick's web site