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Monday, April 28, 2008

Just found some older Norwich Videos.

Norwich 2nd Alarm 11-06-07

Norwich Fire responded to Golden and Dylan
for multiple reports of a house on fire.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Norwich 2nd Alarm w/rescue. 03-28-08

Norwich Fire responded to 358 Hamilton Ave.

Franklin Barn fire, 04-27-08

Around 18:30 Franklin fire responded to RT-32 and New Park RD for a reported Barn fire. Car-6 (Lebanon Chief) Reported that a large barn was heavily involved. At that time Car-25 requested mutual aid, from Bozrah, Lebanon and Yantic. Ladder 126 and Eng-33 arrived about the same time , L-126 backed into the driveway and E-33 laid a 5" line about 1100' to a hydrant. HT-106 laid a line into a field and set up lines on the "D" side. L-126 set out a blitz-fire and several 2.5 and 1 3/4 hand-lines along with there ladder pipe. Several tankers shuttled water for a 2nd water source. Crew were on location till around midnight.From Yantic Station before we were toned out.

First line in

Side "B"
Side "D"
HT-106 first fire

NLC-Video by Ring

Thanks to Keven Ring, Car-6, Ryan for the shots

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Salem Barn fire. 04-27-08

Salem-Gardner Lake responded to 165 New London RD. for a barn fire with spot fires in the woods. Crews were training about a mile away and responded with extra companies that were training with them. They found a Barn about 1000' up a hill heavily involved with several vehicles burning or exposure's. Crews controlled the fire and stopped the spread of several brush fires. Photos provided :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Norwich - 6 Alarms 04-26-08

Around 01:30 Norwich fire was dispatched to Peachtree apartments at Westledge Dr., for an apartment building on fire. Before arrival Norwich PD reported heavy fire from the roof. The NPD was the process of evacuating the building. Bat-1 arrived and transmitted the 2nd alarm, then the 3rd, Truck 1 kept leap frogging on the roof, trying to trench it, but due to the fast spreading fire and deteriorating conditions the operation was abandon. Crews made a rapid search of the buildings with NPD. At times with fire rolling over their heads, they managed to alert all occupants of the 120 unit building. Car -1 arrived and started the 4th, 5th and 6th alarms. Early into the fire, Command withdrew companies as the roof collapse and the exposures were evacuated. Master streams were placed in service, and several thousand feet of 5" hose were laid to hydrants to reach large water mains. The complex was a 120 unit 3 story wood frame, with an open cockloft. This helped the fire spread rapidly. In the first few min’s the fire jumped to the rear section and consumed that section. Several brush fires were started from the radiant heat and embers. 13 engines and 4 ladders operated with several more companies in staging and covering stations. The fire is under investigation by Norwich FMO, State FMO and the ATF. Update: at last press release all 155 occupants are accounted for.
for more info see the like below

Still updating
The first four photos were taken with in the first 10-15 min's of dispatch.
Side D-ASide "A"

The rear section (2nd building)Car-1 (Chief Kenneth Scandariato) at the Command PostView of court yard from Side B 1&2

Overview of the complex

Video from front of building about 20min into the fire.

The photos below are about one hour into the fire.
Rear buildingThanks to all that helped with and provided photo's

A video I found on youtube stating how to donation
Donation Video

Check back later, I will be receiving photos over the next few days.

I was a little busy so I will be relying on my corespondent's

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sterling, brush-structure 4/23/08

Sterling fire responded to 1011 Plainfield Pike around 1pm and found a 60x120 chicken coop heavily involved, with exposures. M/A for several CT and RI departments responded and handled several spot fires in the wooded area.