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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Norwich Multi alarm, with May-day 11-30-08

Norwich (Greenville section) responded to Central Ave the Kelly building for a reported fire, Eng-2 was operating at a MVA around the corner. After the tone they spotted the fire and requested a 2nd alarm. Norwich was confronted with heavy fire from at least 6 windows on two floors on arrival. During the attack 3 firefighter had the ceiling collapse on them and a hose line burn thew. The managed to free themselves and exit the building. A 2nd crew of 2 called a mayday after one ran out of air, They found a window and broke it out. A Taftville LT. noticed this action and requested help. Command assigned tower 25 to the rescue. Due to the FAST had not arrived at this time (delayed by dispatch). Taftville firefighters placed a 35ft ladder in place on firefighter can down the ladder and lost his grip hand fell about 10ft. The 2nd was in the window as a firefighter reached him some how he feel and was caught by the firefighter by his leg and was held up side down until help crews placed a2nd ladder below him and mover the bucket in to the area of the rescue. he was removed to safety. The building continued to burn as 1 ladder, 2 towers and several master streams worked the building for several hours. After the investigation the build was torn down.
More info and photos to follow.

For more photos
Eastern CT Fire's Photo
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Tower 25 The windows that the firefighters bailed out from

Monday, November 24, 2008

Willimantic, 3rd alarm 11-25-08

Around 20:15 Willimantic respond to 322 Prospect St.-Kramer School(A 3-4 story brick several hundred feet long), As companies responded they reported smoke coming from the building requesting the Box. On arrival a working fire was transmitted and a 2nd alarm was requested. Crews reported heavy fire conditions in the media room. During this time 3rd alarm companies were brought into the city. Several lines were placed into service and truck companies work the roof. The fire was brought under control in about a hour.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yantic, Brush/Barn Fire 11-22-08

Around 11:30 Yantic was dispatched to 71 New London TRPK for a controlled burn now out of control.... Then a report of it encroaching on a barn. The property is located just off 2&32 up a small hill. C-3 arrived to find a brush fire taking hold of a medium size barn and a shed, with 3 others as exposures. About 1500' of 5" was laid up the hill, EGPFD was called to handle the running brush fire encroaching on a large barn several sheds and a house. This side of the fire was stopped about 50' up the hill from the structures. The main fire was held in check before reaching 2 smaller sheds and about 100 acres of dense wooded area. In all two Building were lost, 3 were saved on top of the hill. Yantic, East Great plan and Laurel hill operated at the fire. Due to the weather condition and 15+ winds a good stop was made. View from New London trpk Just after first water EGP ffs work the lower brush fire Yantic working the back side of the barnMore to come

Friday, November 21, 2008

Groton 1st Alarm 11-21-08

At 10:10 PGFD responded to a reported trailer fire to the rear of Stop & Shop off of RT-12. On arrival they found smoke coming the the vents on the building and a active fire in a box trailer. Employees reported the trailer way containing batteries. A first alarm was transmitted. Crews made entry to the trailer found heavy smoke conditions and exploding batteries (watch size). The fire was knocked down, But due to the smoke conditions 2 vent holes were placed in the trailer to aid with smoke removal. The store was filled with smoke and it took about 2 hours to remove the smoke from the building. MA aid from the Subase, Mystic and Old Mystic.

A pile of card board with over 1000 watch batteries on top and in the trailer

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Norwich, Pinjob 11-18

Around 14:00 Norwich Eng-2 responded to North Main at Central Ave for a reported MVA, Eng-2 reported a pin job with1 trauma pt. Pts were transported to Backus by American. For more shots click here, Rose city

Manchester 2nd Alarm 11-17-08

Around 11:am Manchester fire responded to 9 Lilley St. for a house fire Bldg is a 3-sty wood, balloon frame, duplex. Heavy fire from 3 windows, #2 fl A/B corner on arrival. Fire involved 1-2 rooms & attic in the b-side unit, and 1 room & attic in d-side unit.
Excellent stop by first due company's. Mutual aid from 2 other dept.'s to the scene. Reported by the Hartford Courant newspaper that 21 people lived in the house and 6 were home at the time of the fire. Patrick Dooley

Friday, November 07, 2008

East Hartford MVA 11-07-08

East Hartford, Ct FD members working at MVA with vehicle that went off a parking lot roadway at 290 Roberts St and then went into the woods. Unknown on the exstent of the injuries were. 1 person was in the vehicle.
Accident was today just before noon.
Patrick Dooley

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

8th District Manchester Silo fire 11-05

Manchester The 8th Utilities District responded to a fire was in a grain elevator at the Co-Op on Apel Pl. Around 11:30. From what I was told there are 4 grain storage bins connected and the one on fire was the only one that was full. The fire was believed to be between the inner and outer walls of the grain elevator. The grain elevator is 127' high and the ladders on scene could not reach the top and they did not want anyone walking up due to the fact they did not know how large a fire or how far it had traveled in the grain elevator.
Patrick Dooley

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Montville Tec rescue 11-04

Around 10:30 Mohegan District a crane working the Rt-2A construction project from the Mohegan Sun tipped over the embankment trapping the operator about 30' in the air. The only object holding the crane up was the boom. Fire/Rescue crews from Mohegan, Montville, Mohegan Sun and Norwich fire all worked to free the operator. They worked for about 1.5 hrs to safely rescue the operator. Mohegan Rescue 27

Setting up to anckor the crane

Norwich Firefighters set an anchor cable

Workers from Cardi construction and Tribal leaders watch the operations

The crane operator awaiting rescue

NFD Tower 1 and FF's remove the occupant.