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Friday, November 30, 2007

Norwich W/F Indian Leap Cafe 11-30-07

Around 04:30 Norwich fire was dispatched in the area of Lafayette and Sachem St's. The Indian Leap Cafe, for Heavy smoke in the area. Upon arrival Bat-1 confirmed Heavy smoke from the building. Crews forced entry and located the fire to the rear of the building as Truck-1 vented the roof, The fire was under control in about 20mins.

The busiest"fire", FM vehicle in the area

Video by Barss

Thursday, November 22, 2007

FYI 11-22-07

I don't usually post this info but, due to the nature I will. I was sent a e-mail regarding a incendiary device being used in the VA Beach area. Right now I don't think its being used in New England but stay alert. Rob

The pictures are of a stolen car that is rigged with a quick start incendiary device found in the glove box. Suspects are stealing cars and hiding them for a while and then using them to commit robberies and setting them on fire if needed. The devices have been found in several cars. These robberies have been occurring in the Hampton Roads VA Area.This car was recovered in Norfolk after a Virginia Beach robbery.This case is Bob Miner's.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Old Mystic Car vs. House

Old Mystic Fire Department (OMFD), Mystic River Ambulance (MRA), and Lawrence and Memorial (L&M) paramedics were dispatched to 30 Route 27 in Mystic for a motor vehicle accident, car vs. house, reported to be with fire and entrapment at 00:18 hours.
Upon OMFD arrival, the car was on its front end, with the top of the vehicle protruding into the structure. There was no fire, however the victim was trapped inside the vehicle. There was extensive structural damage to the residence and OMFD personnel stabilized the structure to alleviate the risk of collapse. Once the structure was stabilized,
OMFD personnel extricated the victim from the vehicle. During the course of the incident, there was an active
gasoline leak from the vehicle.
Due to the prolonged nature of the incident, Life Star Helicopter was requested and landed at Old Mystic Baptist Church, where Mystic Fire Department had established the landing zone. The victim was transferred to MRA and Life Star personnel and
then transported to the landing zone. OMFD personnel remained on scene to provide lighting and monitor the gasoline leak, while Groton Town Police Department investigated the accident.
The scene was cleared at 04:16 hours.

Provided by Benjamin Ragsdale
All photos by Old Mystic Fire police member Claude Flickinger. Write of the incident. By OMFD Captain Christopher Clarkin

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Norwich W/F Greenville 455 N Main St 11-13-07

Norwich fire responded to a apartment fire across the street from the Greenville Station. The had fire venting from the 1st floor of a two story wood frame. The fire was under control in about a half hour. Station #2 Greenville and the outriggers from Truck 1

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yantic 305 Washington St. 11-12-07

Due to That I was operating I personally didn't take any shots. BUT I will be receiving many over the Next 48 Hours. I may get some up tonight. But check back tomorrow. I will get some links up soon of other sites.
Around 09:45 Yantic fire was dispatched to 305 Washington St. For a stove fire/possible structure fire. About one mile out (Rt 2&32 – 395) a large header was visible by Eng-32 & Car 3. At that time Car 3 requested Taftville and one engine from Norwich and Mohegan tribe for FAST. Upon arrival of Car 3 & Eng-32 of a large 3 story 6 plex built in the late 1800s. Heavy fire was venting out the 2nd floor rear window on the B side, extending to the 3rd floor and eves by auto exposure. Car 3 requested a full assignment from Norwich and East Great Plain FDs. Three lines were stretched to the fire floor and too the floor above. Crews searched and attempted to knockdown several rooms of fire and extension to the upper floor and cock loft. The building contained many void spaces. Truck Cos (truck 1 & tower 25) worked the roof cutting many layers of roof. Conditions deteriorated and fire consumed the rear porch, one firefighter collapsed and was removed from the building. Command with drew all crews and went defensive. After a short time crews re-entered. But due to three layers of ceilings and rapid spread of fire all personnel were with drawn again. For the rest of the incident operations were defensive. Extra companies operated at the scene Occum, Laurel Hill, Subase. Support American ambulance, Norwich PD, Public utilities, Emergency Management and Canteen 1.Just after arrival

Sunday, November 11, 2007


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Canterbury W/F 11-06-07

Canterbury Fire responded with Scotland and Baltic to 418 Water St., for a reported living room fire. On arrival they found heavy fire venting from 2 windows. Crews stretched in as they blitzed the front 2 windows. Crew made entry to the building and advanced three lines to the 1st, 2nd floor and basement. Crews vented and searched for hidden pockets of fire. The fire was under control in about 40mins. Taftville responded as RIT and Lisbon provided a ambulance.

Norwich 2nd Alarm 11-06-07

Norwich Fire responded to Golden and Dylan for multiple reports of a house on fire. Upon Engine#2s arrival they found heavy fire to the rear of the building, taking hold of the attic. At this time winds were over 20+ miles an hour . Crew stretched in and began searching all floors of the building. Fire extended to the 2nd floor and made its way to the basement. A 2nd alarm was requested by Car 1 and the following Cos came in, Tower 25, Eng's 21,22,61 later a special call for Eng 51,33 and R-5. Fire was located in walls and void spaces. Companies went defensive for a short time then made their way back in for final extinguishment.

Video by Frank Cilley
Thanks to Mike, Frank and Joe for the photos and video.