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Sunday, January 28, 2007

East Brooklyn Ct. apartment building fire 01-28-07

East Brooklyn CT, around 9:50am. Units responded to 166 East Main st. for an apartment fire a converted store W/F tri-plex. Several departments work this stubborn fire that my have started in first floor bathroom and extended to the apartment on the 2nd floor. Crew vented the building and worked both floors from the inside.
Mortlake firefighters vent the roof.

Atwood Hose F.A.S.T arriving. More troops arrivingMonitoring the accountability system

Standing F.A.S.T

working the saw

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ledyard 2nd Alarm, 01-27-07

Friday around 18:30, Ledyard & Gales Ferry fire departments respond to a house fire at 246 Haley Rd a 2 story W/F. On arrival they reported heavy fire in the basement. Crews knocked down the main body of fire and vented the roof. Fire extended to the first floor and consumed a bedroom and burned through some floor areas. Crews were removed for a short time from the bedroom area due to ammo shells firing off in the area. A second alarm was requested due to the weather conditions (11degs). Fire departments Ledyard, Gales Ferry, Submarine Base, Center of Groton, Old Mystic, Poquetanuck. Support Ledyard ambulance, Canteen 1, American rehab, Ledyard PD.Subase C-25 crew heading to the roof. Opening up the roof Ledyard & Gales ferry firefighters entering the front of the building Just after knockdown of heavy fire conditions The bedroom lights up after teams were removed due to ammo exploding
Roof top OVM
OVM opens up the bedroom

Rear of building

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bozrah fatal MVA, 01/20/07

At Approx. 3:40 A.M Station 26 with an American R-5, was dispatched to Fitchville Road in the Gilman section for a vehicle accident. As units were responding, KX was advising of possible serious injury's at this crash. When engine-1 arrived on scene, they found one vehicle resting on its roof with one occupant self extricated with undisclosed injury's. A second occupant entrapped in the vehicle. Upon assessing the trapped occupant, American medic presumed Code-1. The trapped occupant was extricated and units held the scene assisting C.S.P with traffic control and scene lighting.

Info from Bill W

Photos Brad Sawicki

Thursday, January 25, 2007

City of Norwich W/F Peck St. 01/25/07

Norwich W/F 3 Peck St. Around 5:30 Norwich responded for a house fire, SQ-A arrived and reported smoke showing.
Crews quickly located a small fire and extinguished it.

Chimney fire, Occum 01-25-07

Chimney fire, 301 Canterbury Rd. Occum section. Around 11am Occum & Taftville respond for a chimney fire,
Crews extinguished the fire with only minor damage.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Norwich Fire Close-up's

Norwich 2nd Alarm, 01-23-07

Around 4:am the City of Norwich responded to The Cape Vedean Club on Talman St. a 2.5 story w/f converted house, for smoke coming from the building. City PD arrived and confirmed the report. On arrival a working fire was transmitted and members started the hunt for the main body of fire, Heavy smoke was venting as truck 1's crew starting venting and Engine companies stretched lines. After about 10mins fire started to appear in the front windows. One crew was operating on the first floor, and knocking down the visible fire when the floor gave away below one firefighter, he became trapped and a mayday was transmitted. At this time a 2nd alarm was transmitted and East Great Plan FD responded as Norwich firefighters started the rescue, as Tribal F.A.S.T arrived and fire conditions deteriorated the rescue was made. The Firefighter was rescued with-in a short time and he walked out of the building. After the firefighters exited the building Car-1 sounded the evacuation tone and crew's set up for an defencive operations. Over time the fire found it's way to the attic and self vented. Crews worked the fire scene for several hours. Other assistance at the scene, American Ambulance, Norwich PD, Norwich public utilities & works and Canteen 1. Conditions at the time of the fire was Temp 27degs, light snow and iceing conditions.

Heavy smoke vents from the first floor as the engine crew makes entry

Tower 1's crew ladders the roof. Fire starts to vent from first floor window

(the 3 photos above) Norwich and Tribal firefighters work to rescue one firefighter that fell through the floor. As fire conditions deteriorated. Above the trapped firefighter walks down the stairs after his rescue.Firefighters ladder the front porch.

A firefighter works off the ladder with a 1 3/4 hand-line to knock down fire conditions on the 2nd floor.

Norwich firefighters

(the two Above) East Great plain firefighters work 2 2.5 hand-lines

Firehouse magazine link

1st Responder News

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rollover with fire. 01-22-07

About 21:30, Yantic and Taftville responded for a MVA a Washington St. & Harland Rd. As units signed on dispatch reported that the car was now on fire & the occupant was out. On arrival E-32 found a car off the road about 200' with the engine compartment burning. They found the occupant and placed 1.5 hand-line into operation. The occupant was transported to Backus hospital. The car substained heavy damage after destroying a hydrant then hitting a wall and rolled over several times.