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Thursday, October 30, 2008

W/F Tale of two towns. 10-30-08

First of all I have not received any photos at this time, But due to the events, I will post the news links. If I receive any I will post them.

Last night around 01:20 Niantic responded to 53 Crescent Ave., where first due companies found heavy fire coming from the first-floor exterior. This was a occupied apartment building. Crews from Niantic and Flanders worked the fire until after 4am the fire consumed the roof and heavily damaged the rest of the building.

About one hour later Waterford was dispatched to 1 First St near the draw bridge for several calls for a building fire (a Vacant) this was about 2 miles away. W-11 was released from their cover assignment in Niantic and headed across the bridge and noticed heavy fire from the building. The building was heavily damaged.

Both buildings are owned by the same person. At this time the fire is under investigation.

These two fires and others in the state this week should be a wake up call to us for this winter. About 5-8 of them are under Foreclosure or have financial problems. Could this be the start of a long winter? It could be. So beware of your surrounding and size up the buildings in your area and stay safe.

See links below, Unknown how long they will be active.

Borrowed from Q's fire ground photos

See link below

Monday, October 27, 2008

Andover W/F - Tanker shuttle 10/26/08

Andover responded to 83 Burnap Brook Rd. around 19:20 hrs., for a W/F in a house located approx. 500-600 ft. off the road. Due to the location of the house Patrick was unable too get up to the house for pictures so Patrick focused on the tanker shuttle instead. He highlighted the different methods of off loading the water. The house was located off a dirt/ gravel road. From one spot the tankers were filling up it was maybe a 3 mile round trip back to the fire.

Patrick Dooley

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taftville MVA vs. tree 10-08

Taftville responded to a one car MVA on Manichor Ave into a tree. The FD found one occupant in rear of car, with minor injuries. American transported the PT to Backus.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gales Ferry Rt-12 TT-rollover 10-17-08

Rt-12 Gales Ferry near the Groton town line a Tractor trailer lost control and collided with a tree and rolled over and caught fire. The incident was located near the town line which brought departments from Ledyard and the Groton area. The driver managed to escape with minor injuries. Rt-12 was closed for several hours during the clean up.
Photos provided by a passerby.

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At the bottom of the page I placed a map of area NL county Fire stations. It is a work in progress. If I missed any please contact me. Thanks RDL

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hartford 2nd Alarm 10-03-08

Around 23:40hrs Hartford fire was operating at a 2nd alarm at 739 Maple Ave. The fire was in a large 2 story commercial bldg.The "D" side of the bldg was 2 stories with a large attic space. . The side of the bldg towards the "B" side was collapsed on my arrival so I don't know if it was 1 or 2 stories. The fire is under investigation by Hartford, State and ATF FMO.Tower 6