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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Detroit, MI. Box Alarm. E Forest Ave & Manistique St 07-21-12

 About a hr later a Box was dispatched for E Forest Ave & Manistique St. companies found a 1.5 story dwelling with fire showing from the 2nd floor bedroom. Two lines were stretched one for an exposure line. This fire was knocked down in a short time.

One of the many companies traveling across the city do to company closures.

Detroit, MI. Manistque & E Warren 7-21-12

Shortly after mid-night the city sprang back to a Detroit Normal and within a few minutes the first of several Box Alarms rang out over the radio. (its always strange how the city goes from nothing then two or three heavily involved building come in within minutes of each other, makes you think...) A box for Manistique & East Warren was dispatched, This was a 1/4 of a mile from Eng 52s house. They arrived a gave stretching on the dwelling. A few minutes later SQ-6 arrived and updated it to a 3 story apartment building w/fire though-out. At that time we took the 10min ride to find fire though the roof of the dwelling. As we walked down the road we could hear a 2nd box for about a mile away. After a short time we headed to that location and found crews on scene with a dwelling already collapsed.(no photos from the 2nd fire).


Detroit, MI. 07-19-12

 A box alarm for  Hamburg Ave & Pinewood Ave was given as the location of a dwelling fire. The engine arrived to find fire showing from the 2nd floor. Crews had a hard time making to the 2nd floor and set up a ladder to the fire room window to knock the fire down. The companies in the area were closed and were delayed on the response.(note: this fire was posted out of order)

Detroit, MI 07/19-20/12

The time from 12pm on the 19th till 00:30am on the 20th a 36hrs period was a quite for the city, very little to no action.  Even the false alarms were down. So we did a little site seeing and visited Engine 52. Below are a few photos from the city.

 Street art

 Someones new style dream, now forgotten
 A little fist pump at the party store
 Indian village section of Detroit, a oasis in the crumbling city
Some great architecture from a once great city. (Indian Village) 
 Vacant Detroit Station
 A game of City golf near the Packard Building

 VPS security gates on Vacant School

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Detroit, MI. Box Alarm 07-19-12

Detroit fire transmitted a Box Alarm for 15246 Glenwood, First units stretched on the dwelling to a fire in the 2nd floor. The fire extended into the eave of the home. Crews opened the roof and eve of the dwelling to knock-down the fire.

Detroit, MI. Box Alarm 07-19-12

Detroit fire dispatched a Still alarm to 1042 Semenole St in Indiana Village, for a fire Alarm. Once on scene upgraded it to a Box for a working fire. First due companies confined the fire to the 2nd floor rear.

Highland Park, MI W/F 07-19-12

Highland Park, MI worked this early morning fire on the 2nd floor of a 2.5 story P/D. Highland park firefighters contained this minor fire in few min's.