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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hartford 2nd alarm 07-26-15 (delayed)

Hartford fire worked this 2nd alarm at 63 Vine St.,  at 1320 hours. Members rescued 1 occupant via ground ladder. More pictures at

Hartford 3rd Alarm. 07-27/28-15

Hartford 3rd Alarm, 617-619 Park St. At 23:00 Hartford fire was dispatched for a building fire, Crews reported some and heat conditions unable to located the fire. After a short time crews located the fire. During this time it was in the duck worked and jumped floors to the cock-loft and took hold of the area, HFD worked for several hrs to bring the fire under-control. 
The fire is under investigation.
more photos at (coming soon)
Jim Peruta

more to come

These photos below were taken after 3am

Monday, July 13, 2015

East Great Plan, Car Fire 07-08-15

Around 11am Norwich fire dispatched East Great Plan FD to Salem TRPK at the Town Fair Tire lot for a car fire. Ladder 5 and Rescue 5 arrived to find and engine compartment fire in a minny van. One line was placed in-service for extinguish. NFI.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Detroit Report.

I will add some photos from around the city and a short post later. The full set of photos will be added to
 Laddsphotos over the next day.

Detroit, MI. Still Alarm 07-06-15

Last active fire. While returning from a possible fire we spotted a header a few block off. Before arrival a Still alarm was dispatched for 7774 Bryden. Engine 42,  found a garage behind a commercial building well involved and collapsing. The engine, ladder and chief handled the fire.


Detroit, MI Box Alarm. 07-06-15

The afternoon of the 5th had a few dwelling fires we took a few in, all minor or out on arrival or on the far side of the city, this night went back to normal.
 Detroit dispatch sent out a Box Alarm around 04:20, for 8304 S Cyril. Crews found a large 2.5 story vacant dwelling fully involved. Command decided for aggressive exterior attack. with 2 1.5 hand lines and a monitor. This was the best knockdown of the time in the city about 45 seconds for the heavy fire conditions to be darkened down on 2 floors and most of the attic.

Detroit, MI. Box Alarm 07-05-15

As we were taking up from the commercial building fire 06:45, This Box went out for 518 W Brentwood, Crews found heavy fire from a Vacant 2 story dwelling, fire tore threw the dwelling and the rear collapsed after about 30 mins. We called it a night (or morning after this) several more fires happened during the morning. We hit the street again several hours later.


Detroit, MI. Box Alarm 07-05-15

While heading back to the motel after a long night, from Cork Town we could see a large column of smoke, At that time no incidents active at that time, we decided to investigate the smoke, at first we thought it maybe the trash to energy plant. Once we got off the highway the smoke was coming from behind the area of the plant. A few minutes later the Box went out for a commercial building fire at Chene & Palmer around 06:12, we were a few blocks away. Several of us arrived at the same time and found a DFD patrol car and he stated they found the fire 30 minutes before and was waiting for the FD. Just after the PD arrived the front of the building collapsed.
When the FD arrived 2 floors were well involved with the roof of the "B" side exposure was starting to burn. The engine begin to set up to dump the monitor, before that happened they were told to relocate so the tower could use that spot. A 2nd tower was requested and once they set up, they worked the fire. Crews were on scene for several hours.
While we were taking up another box came in a few minutes away.