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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

The Firefighter, former FDNY

Docked in New London Ct, for a couple of months this summer, The Former FDNY fire boat the Firefighter. The boat is now docked in Stonington Ct, at the Mystic Seaport.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Montville, W/F 07-24-19

Montville fire was dispatched to 45 Driscoll Dr. for a reported garage fire, first due found a 2 bay garage with an active fire inside. Montville departments along with M/A knocked the fire down in a short time. NFI.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Bozrah Ct. Car fire 07-19-19

Around 6pm Bozrah fire responded to Rt-2 west bound for a car fire.


Monday, July 01, 2019

Newark, NJ. 06-30-19

Newark, NJ fire was dispatched for smoke in the area of 3rd Ave and Mt Prospect Ave, First due transmitted a working fire for 275 Mt Prospect Ave. The dwelling was a large 2.5 story vacant building, Crews had fire showing from a bay window on the A side, Fire due truck worked on forcible entry, As the engine stretched in. The pump operator had the steamer port threads come right out of the hydrant as he was tying in. This only delayed a water supply for a few minutes. 

The crews knocked down the main body of fire once the plywood and other security measures were breached, As the companies opened up fire was found running to the attic in the void spaces. In about 20 minutes the fire was under-control.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Norwich Ct, 3rd Alarm 03-31-19

Norwich fire was dispatched to 19 Mckinley Ave for multiple calls for fire coming from the building, Crews found heavy fire venting from the 2nd floor bedroom, extending to the 2nd floor. Command requested a 2nd alarm to stage a block away. Crews went to work on the 2nd floor and two burn victims were treated and turned over to EMS, more lines were placed into service on the 3rd floor. 2nd Alarm was called into the scene, tower 25 took the B side, Engine 33 Helped with hand-lines. The fire took hold of the 3rd floor and command went defensive for a short time, Crews reentered and fore for several hrs. for overhaul. More relief company were requested during the incident for a 3rd alarm. link for full set of photos

Yantic 2nd Alarm 03-31-19

Yantic fire was dispatched to 218 West town St, for smoke coming from the building, car 30 arrived and transmitted a working fire with a minute of dispatch and added EGPFDs Ladder 55. As crews stretched the first line in they found fire on the 2nd floor kitchen area, and knocked it down, They continued up too the 3rd floor and found that the floor was spongy at the top of the stairs, with smoke banked down to the floor. They found a strong area just past the landing and was able to search past the soft spot. Command was notified that the floor to the front of the apartment was compromised. crews were not able to enter the front room on the #3 floor. 

 At  2nd Alarm was transmitted, do to the lack of access to the front room and attic area. Due to possible fire spread. Ladder 5 arrived and set up for ventilation. In a few minutes after the request for a 2nd alarm, interior crews was able to access the attic and discover no extension in that area and all visible fire was knocked down.

The fire burned out several floor trusses and the only thing that was left was a thin sheet of burned plywood and the carpet, for about 5x 10 area into the front bedroom. No injures were reported and the was placed under control in about 30 mins.


Saturday, March 30, 2019

South Killingly, Mill Fire, 03-30-19

Around 4am Qv dispatch, toned South Killingly and M/A to 963 Bailey Hill Rd for a mill fire. First due, reported heavy fire from the building, crews operated for several hrs to knock the main-body of fire down.
link for full Set of photos

South Windham, Mill Fire 4 Alarms+ 03-30-19

Around 2Am, South Windham and M/A was dispatched to 11 machine shop Hill Rd, for a building fire. First unit found a fully involved mill building. 
link for full set of photos

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Norwich ct, 3rd Alarm

Around 9am, Norwich fire was dispatched to Prospect and Hickory in Greenville section of the city, NPD was reporting a heavily involved dwelling, A working fire was declared via dispatch, While en-route command requested 2nd alarm company's to cover the city,Note: SQA was at a medical. crews found the rear porches heavily involved extending into all floors of the building. A 2nd alarm was Declared, Two engine and truck was added, Crews worked the fire and vented the roof, the main body of fire was knocked down with pockets of fire in several locations, command requested a 3rd alarm for manpower, 2 engines, 1 truck and a rescue. After about 2 hrs the fire was extinguished. The FMO is investigating the cause of the fire,  Norwich, Mohegan Tribe, Taftville, East Great Plan, Laurel Hill and Yantic responded.