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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Micro Burst 6-28

Around 17:30 on Friday July 28, 2006 a severe storm raced threw the state of Connecticut . In upper New London county a possible micro burst of wind, downed hundreds of trees across roads, on buildings and bring power lines down from Lebanon to Norwich with the heaviest known damage. Many homes and building were damaged .

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Frankiln House fire, 07-14-06

A large two-story house at 110 Pleasure Hill Road, was heavily involved when the first units arrived. Firefighters were hindered by limited access to the house by heavy vegetation, downed power-lines, and limited water supply along with high tempter of the day. Firefighters from Franklin, Bozrah, Baltic, Windham, South Windham, Franklin, Lisbon and Lebanon responded to the scene. Franklin fire marshals are investigating the cause.
Franklin chief Car 25 watches as companies set water supply operations.
Franklin and Baltic firefighters set up supply lines from Franklin's tanker
Ladder 126 sets up for ladder pipe operations.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Recent Training Photos

Below are some photos taken in the past months from Hands on training events at the Subase and Yantic fire departments. The photos were taken by myself, Lougee, Cicel and Monroe thank's to all.

A small visitor to the station

Norwich, House fire. 7-07-06

At around 11:30hrs Norwich responded to 21 Winchester St. For a reported mattress fire with a report of occupants still in the house. On arrival they found a 2 story wood structure with smoke coming from the 2nd floor. Crews vented the rear roof and the fire room. Engine company streached 13/4 handlines to the fire floor and extinguished the fire. The fire was under control in 30 minutes. No injuries were reported.

View from Summer St.The OVM removes the window to the fire room,
as a firefighter reaches for a 2nd handline.Steam and smoke is pushed from the front room as the
fire is knocked down the the bedroom.
Norwich public utilities lineman disconnects the power to the house.
Tribal FAST checks the rear of the building

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yantic Haz-mat, 07-04-06

On July 4th at 1436, Yantic responded for a report of a liquid Nitrogen tanker with a vapor cloud to the rear , in the Norwich Ten pin parking lot. The Norwich PD found the leak. Companies responded and set up SE of the truck. Personnel located the driver and contacted the hauling company, It was detriment that due to weather changes, that a valve had worked its way open and maybe leaking. A company Tec. shut down the valve in which, stopped the leak. The operation was under control at 15:57hrs.

Block Island, Champlain's Marina 7-02-06

Block Island Fire Department responded to a working fire at Champlain's Marina, at approx 1120 hours Sunday June 2nd. The fire was at the marinas laundry facility that also stored the marinas generator, fuel and propane. Marina staff evacuated the near by piers and pool of visitors due to smoke ocnditions and fuel storage with in the fire area. On the FD arrival they found heavy fire coming from the roof. Firefighters made an agressive attack and stopped the fire to area of origon. Pictures courtesy of Tom & Bobbette Clapsadle.

Note: most of these photos are also posted on Firephotos Blog
Marina personell remove equipment from the buildingMarina personell use garden hose and try to gain access to the
fire room to shut doun the fuel lines.Heavy fire starts to burn the roof area as compaies arrive.Water suppy is astablished from the near by pool.