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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Canterbury, 3rd Alarm 4-26-18

Around 12:15 QV, dispatched Canterbury's 1st alarm assignment too. 1 N Canterbury Rd for a reported house fire, First arriving reported heavy fire from the front porch area. As companies arrived a 2nd Alarm was transmitted and water supply was set up consisting of tankers and drafting operation at 3 locations. crews knocked down the heavy fire and advanced in to the building, conditions deteriorated and a 3rd alarm was requested, soon crews were with drawn and went to a defensive operation. The home was heavily damaged, The FMO and State FMO is investigating the incident. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Baltic Mill Fire 4-23-18

Around 14:15 QV Dispatched  Baltic and the rest of the 1st alarm M/A to 29 Bushnell Hollow Rd., for a report of a building fire, that was under demolition. Car 24 arrived and found active fire on the 2nd floor of the vacant 5 story mill 100x400, at the time a 2nd alarm was started. With 10-20 mile winds the fire ran the building, During this time the 3rd and 4th alarms w/special calls were requested. While companies arrived, on the 1st and 2nd alarm assignment, several spot brush fires broke out, Some companies were redirected to them. One vacant building on the hill was found with a minor fire on the roof along with a large brush fire. During the first hr, fire spread to a 2nd vacant building on the former mill complex. while the street does have hydrants, with past fires on the complex company's knew drafting operations was needed, several hose tenders responded and layed  from the Ariel truck to the river.  About 2 hrs into the fire, the Northern section collapsed. Crews worked late into the night and  returned the next day for hot spots. Its been reported that workers in the building discovered the fire, while doing hot work near the area.

The Brush fire consumed close to 13 acres with the large one totaling 11.5 acres, for this fire, several request for brush trucks and tankers were add. Crews from around 21departments from New London County and Windham County responded, along with several state agencies, The FMO is investigating.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Griswold W/F 04-15-18

Around 13:00 QV dispatched Griswold and M/A to 173 Brewster Rd for a reported basement fire. First arriving unit reported heavy smoke from the building, then fire was found on the first floor extending to the 2nd floor. Crew work the fire for over hour, in confined pockets of the dwelling. Several lines were placed in operation. the home was heavily damaged by the fire. The fire is under investigation by the FMO.

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