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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Online Training Magazine

I usually, do not promote items on my site but this new publication should be the one of the best training magazines that we firefighters can read and the best thing it will be "FREE" this is unheard of for publications. Just vist the web site and Download the Urban firefighter.
Urban Firefighter Magazine appears to be aimed toward the more experienced firefighter and the website is very well designed, pleasing to look at.
Erich Roden and Ray McCormack are the senior editors and have created a stand-up product. Erich maintained the blog which featured writing from Erich and Ray McCormack prior to creating UFM.
I hope you like as much as others, that have reviewed it. It is long over do. With our support, it should bring us great core training info we are looking for.

Windsor Chimney Fire 02-23-10

Windsor fire responded to 53 Capen St. for a chimney fire with extension at 0950 hours.

Willimantic, 3rd alarm 02-23-10

At 01:27 hrs Willimantic Fire responded to 185 Pleasent St for a house fire upon arrival they encountered heavy fire on the upper floors in all this fire went to a 3rd alarm. 0127 hours. Three occupants and 1 firefighter were transported to the hospital for minor injuries. This fire was one day shy of the 3rd alarm last year.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

East Hartford W/F 02-20-10

East Hartford, responded to 13 Brown St. @ 08:56 for a room and contents fire at 13 Brown St. One occupant had minor injuries and firefighters removed 2 cats.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Center of Groton, 2nd Alarm w/Rescue 02-20-10

Around 04:00 Center of Groton and Poquonnock Bridge responded to 1505 North RD (Rt-117) for a reported working house fire with occupant trapped. At that Time Subase fast was added for a Box Plus. Firefighters found fire conditions in the basement and heavy smoke on the 1st floor while searching for the occupant. Crews found the victim and removed them to safety, Ems treated the now Patient and transported them to L&M. Heavy fire vented from the B-C corner basement for a short time and extended to the bedroom above. At one point one firefighter requested a Mayday due to getting disorientated. He was able to walk out with assistance. Crews vent windows and the roof, do to the heavy smoke conditions. In about 30mins the fire was under control. Local and State FMO's are investigating.
Firefighters aid one firefighter out of the building after the mayday.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Manchester MVA 02-16-10

Manchester, Ct Fire Rescue EMS members responded to 196 Lake St for a rollover into a brook about 1130 hours. The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Vehicle had to be removed from the brook by an auto/wrecker crane. Manchester Water dept and Connecticut DEP had to be called to the scene do to the gasoline that leaked into the brook. Haz mat absorbent sheets and small booms were used to control the flow of gasoline in the brook.

Lebanon W/F 02-15-10

At 1405 hrs Lebanon Fire was dispatched to 49 second st for structure fire while en route dispatch advised car 6 of reports of an explosion in the area, at which time he requested Colchester and Hebron full assignments and Columbia tank 105 and Salem FAST team. The trailer was fully involved.

Manchester (8th District) Rescue 02-14-10

8th District FD ( Manchester, Ct ) with MFRE Medic 5 responded to the rear of 1 Allied Way at 1107 hours for kids stuck on a cliff near the Hockanum River with hypothermia. It was reported that the kids were scared by a fox and crossed the river but were unable to climb the cliff without help. Members readied a stokes but found a way to walk down rather than lower the stokes over the edge. All were removed to high and dry land with no injuries.

Glastonbury Barn Fire 02-12-10

Glastonbury, Ct responded to 80 Tyron St at 1420 hours for this barn fire. It was dispatched as a working fire with mutual aid tankers started. Barn was fully involved on arrival and collapsed early. Mutual aid tankers were dismissed before arrival as there was a hydrant across the street from the fire

Hartford 2nd Alarm 02-13-10

Hartford fire worked this 2nd alarm fire at 57 Mahl Ave at 0645 hrs. This was the 2nd fire for these companies in 90 minutes. More pictures at.

Monday, February 08, 2010

South Windham W/F 02-07-10

Info South Windham along with North and Windham Center responded to 359 Plains Road for a house fire on the #2 floor. On arrival they found smoke coming from the 2nd floor and eves. At that time Willimantic responded as Rit and sent a ambulance. Crews stretched 3 lines and controlled the fire on 2 floors. Several cats were removed from the building to safety. The FMO is investigating the cause. Willimantic "RIT" One of the rescued cats