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Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Addition to NLC FirePhoto's Team.

The last months I have missed a few incidents, I have been busy getting ready for a new team member, I would like to introduce you too Declan Ladd Born July 10th.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yantic TT Unit & Power Lines. 07-22-13

Around noon Yantic fire was dispatched to the intersection of Pleasant and Sturtevant St's., for power lines on a TT unit. Crews found a house feed on the cab of the truck that was ripped from the house. The driver remained in the cab. A minor fire was contained to the meter box on the outside of the home. NPU arrived a disconnected the power and the fire was contained and driver exited the truck.

Wethersfield W/F 07-21-13

About 1215 hours, the Wethersfield, FD responded to 101 Boulter Rd. for numerous calls reporting smoke from the house. On arrival members had a working fire in the basement. One member was transported to the hospital for unknown type injuries.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Windham 2nd Alarm 07-17-13

All three Windham departments were dispatched to 606 Back Road, for a report of heavy black smoke coming from a dwelling. first due officer reported, well involved in the C/D Corner requested a 2nd Alarm.  (photos by Kevin Ring)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Norwich W/F 07-11-13

Norwich Fire at 15:14 was dispatched to 6B Fountain St for smoke from the building. Bat-1 gave the size up as a 3 story wood Smoke from 2nd & 3rd floor windows. after a quick investigation a working fire was declared. The fire was under control in a short time. The Fm is investigating.

Bozrah W/F 07-10-13

Around 22:10 Bozrah and M/A was dispatched to 92 Gager Rd for a garage fire, Fire due found a large 2 story garage about 150-200' from the road w/fire showing. at that time M/A tankers were requested.  The fire is under investigation.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Norwich W/F 07-05-13

Around 12:55 Norwich fire was dispatched to Brook St. For a reported house fire. upon arrival they found and occupant in the 2nd window. As Eng-2 pulled up two Public Utility's workers were placing a ladder to the floor, Engine 2 crew took over the operation and removed the occupant, (Prior to arrival one mail jumped from the #2 floor and a infant was passed down). As the remaining companies arrived a line was placed in service too the fire room and the roof was opened. FMO is investigating, one occupant was transported for minor injuries.