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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Norwich W/F+ P/D 6 Clairemont st. 04-24-07

20:07 Norwich fire was dispatched to the area of Oak st. and Clairemont for a possible structure fire. On arrival they found heavy fire showing from the 2nd floor of 6 Clairemont Court. Due to the size, type and elevation of the street, only one pumper made it down to the house. Before arrival the neighbor notified 8 occupants of the fire on the 2nd floor, they were able to wake one child in the room next to the fire and evacuate the home unharmed. As the fire made its way into the attic area, crews made a quick knockdown of the main fire room as the OVM opened up the front of the 2nd floor. As fire vented out a opening in the roof, crews made entry into the attic area and the truck started to open the roof. In a short time they controlled the fire in the attic and went into the overhaul phase of the fire. A special call for Eng-32 then R-3 out of Yantic for man-power was requested. Fire was under control in about 1.5 hours. A view from Oak St.

Fire vents and the roof burns as the room is knocked down

The OVM opens up the 2nd bedroom

Tribal F.A.S.T at work. Truck 1s crew head for the roof
I should have some more photos in a day or so.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Norwch W/F Kitchen fire 04-15-07

Around 7:pm Norwich Fire responded to 10 Stetson St. for a reported kitchen fire. On arrival they found smoke showing from the 2.5 story private dwelling. crews placed a 1.5 hand-line into operation and vent the windows to the fire area. Crews made a quick knockdown and some minor extension to the 2nd floor they operated on scene for over a hour. The occupant (in chair) and a neighbor watch firefighters enter the building.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Franklin Fire, 1Car pin job, 04-07-07

At 18:40, Franklin fire responded to a 1 car mva on Rt-207, just west of Under the Mtn. Rd. Initial report put it at Rt-207 and Rt-32. Upon arrival they found 1 car with heavy front end damage, with 1 occupant still inside. He was pinned between the dash and the and the front seat. Members from Franklin Fire Dept, quickly put 2 tools into operation and freed the occupant within 10min. The pt was transported to Backus by R-525 with American R-5.
Info from: Lt. Scott Dorsey Franklin Fire Dept.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fire everywere!

This year as most of you from the area already know has been one of the busiest years on record. So far their has been over 70+ working fires (room and contents) or better, that we know of in New London & Windham Counties. See Eastern Ct fire log ( ). Its has slowed a little but it still is above average. Some departments have already surpassed their yearly average. If this rate keeps up we should see some interesting events. Remember if you get any photos or video contact me or your preferred Blogger so we can post as much of the action that we can, We are here to show your department in action and give them the well deserved and overdue credit that they deserve, and show what most people take for granted. So Stay safe, and see you on the fire ground. RDL

EGPFD, Rt-82 2 car MVA 04-03-07

East Great Plain FD, Rt-82 (Salem Trpk.) & Banas Ct. A 2 car "T" bone accident sent 2 occupants to the hospital.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bozrah, 3rd Alarm @ a commercial BLDG 04-03-07

Around 3am Bozrah FD & Mutual aid from Yantic & Colchester, was dispatched to the Gilman corp. for a fire in the building involving a large amount of foam. First in officer found heavy black smoke conditions in the building. First arriving units placed a 2.5 hand-line in operation. As more units arrived a second 2.5 was placed in service. Over time A 2nd and 3rd alarms were transmitted for man-power. Crews contained the fire with multiple hand-lines and the use of the TICs to locate the seat of the fire. Crews vented the skylights to help relieve the smoke conditions. They found water was just containing the fire on the 20+ft high foam stacks. At that time the IC requested the state foam trailer. During this time the departments started with pro-packs and extinguished the main body of fire. Units remained on the scene for a few hour for overhaul and complete extinguishment.

Ladder-126 @ main entry point

Colchester ff's changing bottles

Yantic getting ready to head back in

HT-128 drafting
Murray covered in foam

Crews move the line 5" line to make room for R-3

Monday, April 02, 2007

EGPFD, Chimney fire 04-02-07

East Great Plan FD, Responded to a passable chimney fire @ 138 Newton St. After investigation they found a fire in a heavily plugged chimney with no extension.
Crew worked it for about 30 mins. Ladder 55 arriving
Fire and tar pours out

Not too plugged up!