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Monday, February 26, 2007

Norwich, 5th Alarm 02-26-07

Around 06:45 Norwich Fire Department responded to 102 Stonington Rd. (RT-2) (Stonington Estates complex). An OMD 3 to 4 story condo building, upon arrival SQ-A transmitted a 2nd alarm. Fire was showing on the exterior of the building “A” side at the far end of the building. Crews encountered occupants on balconies with fire taking hold of the attic and unit’s on the fourth floor. Norwich units rescued and removed all occupants near the fire area and advanced hose lines on the fire floor. Truck Company was venting the roof and abandoned the operations as the roof started to collapse. Inside crews were under part of the area that collapsed and had debris fall on them, all made it out safely, Due to pre-planning the area they knew water to be a possible problem so Car-1 transmitted a 3rd, lines were laid about a half mile away,and later extended to a mile, as tankers started to arrive and started to shuttle water.

As fire consumed the attic and fourth floor, crews continued the attacked from the exposures and trenched the roof of exposure D-1, incoming units aided in attack, ventilation and search of occupants. During this time a request for more units was made (a 4th alarm), request for additional tankers made it a 5th. The fire was stopped in exposure D-1 and pushed back. In the next few hours, fire consumed 6 units and many more damaged by fire and water, over 80 occupants were rescued or evacuated, and over a mile of hose was laid to the next water main. Several tankers shuttled water, crews operated both from the interior and exterior of the building. EMS treated the injured and along with the Red Cross aided the evacuees’. Canteen 1 and American provided rehab, Norwich PD assisted with evacuation and scene control, Norwich Utilities aided with their respected specialties. Crews operated for over 6hrs to extinguish the fire, and many more for investigation and fire watch.
Norwich and State fire marshals are investigating the fire.

Heavy fire vents from the roof.

Norwich chief Scandariato and Town of Preston Chief Casey discuss tactics

A view from the rear

Taftville fire opening the line. Fire incinerates the roof

EGPFD hand jacking a 5in supply line

Tower 25 & Truck 1
Norwich and Yantic firefighters trench the roof of Exposure D-1
Water supply tanker (tender) style

4th floor staging area

New London, 2nd Alarm 02-25-07

New London Fire Department responded to 42 BeldenSt. for a reported stove fire in an occupied turn of century 1.5 W/F, upon arrival the found heavy smoke and fire showing. Crews started an aggressive interior attack as fire spread to the 2nd floor and attic. Battalion 4 transmitted a 2nd Alarm, which brought up an off duty shift and C-25 from the Base. After about an hour all fire was knocked down and crew started to overhaul.
Crews pre-pair to attack heavy fire conditions to the rear.

Heavy fire Vents from side "B" as a firefighter continues to vent the house.

OVM and the truck vent the attic to relieve heavy smoke conditions

The command staff

Opening up!

Thanks to K Grills & Spencer for the extra photos

1st Responder News

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gardner Lake, Ice Rescue 02-24-07

On Saturday, February 24th at 0939 AM the Gardner Lake and Salem Fire Departments were dispatched to the Gardner Lake boat launch for an ice fisherman stranded on the ice. Though the fisherman had not fallen through, a few days of warmer temperatures caused the ice to fail around him, with water beginning to seep through the cracks. Because of extensive preplanning, training, and equipment available, Gardner Lake and Salem ice rescue personnel we able to successfully rescue the victim 1500' from shore using a rescue alive sled,ice rescue suits and multiple tether lines. EMS personnel were on scene to care for the victim and provide rehab for rescue personnel. Mutual aid units on scene were from Oakdale fire department with back up rescue equipment and an additional ambulance, an ALS unit from American Ambulance and one engine cover assignment from Colchester Fire Department.

Photos & write up by:
Heather Mislivets

Friday, February 23, 2007

Yantic, Backus Hospital 02-21-07

Yantic, Norwich Eng-3 & Truck 1 and Taftville Tower 25 was dispatched for a fire alarm E-wing Backus Hospital. On arrival companies entered the building and found a smoke condition in the control area of the building (ground floor). They found a sterilizer on fire in one of the rooms. Crews knocked down the fire with a dry-powder and after securing the power, extinguished the fire with a foam can. Smoke had to be removed several hundred feet from inside the building. The damage was contained to the machine.

Poquonnock Bridge, W/F Ivy Court. 02-20-07

Poquonnock Bridge Responded to 17 Ivy Court for a house fire, Upon arrival they found fire showing from the 2nd floor, in a house under construction. Mutual aid from Subase, Mystic and Old Mystic

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Taftville Room & Contents. 02-21-07

Around 09:20 Taftville Fire Department was dispatched to 223 Norwich Ave. For smoke coming from the 3rd floor. After arrival TFD car-29 requested Occum full response and Yantic for F.A.S.T. Crews made their was to the 3rd floor rear bedroom and found a room and its contents on fire just starting to roll across the ceiling. They made a quick knockdown. No extension was found. The fire was placed under control in about 20mins. Norwich FMO is investigating. Car-29 watches as smoke vents from 3rd floor window.
Thanks to Steve Lougee for the early photos.

Franklin, Horse Rescue. 02-07

Franklin FD was dispatched at 9:43 am for a horse down on the ice at 89 Dr. Nott road when we arrived the horse was found to be in a pasture about 100 yard across the iced over pasture, after car 25 saw the scope of the rescue need Raymound Auto was called in along with a 12 ton wrecher and his large truck slinges. At one point the horse had given up and was having labored breathing and becoming unresponsive the horse was picked up and moved to the main barn and backed in to the arena and the horse was tended to by the Vet from the begining. Franklin was on scene for about 2.5 hours and the horse was moved to his stall and as of feb. 21 2007 the horse is back to himself

Chief Hayes
FVFD Station 25

Thanks to S Dorsey and B Hayes for the photos

Friday, February 09, 2007

Bozrah/Franklin Rollover RT-87 02-09-07

Early Friday night Bozrah and Franklin departments responded to RT-87 and Murphy Rd. for a one car roll-over. First due officer found a shattered guide pole in the road way with a pick up truck below road elevation out in a corn field about 100' in, with one person trapped in the truck. The truck struck the pole and knocked down several smaller trees and left its contents all over the area (welding supplies and ladders). Crews had to walk down a small incline with most of the tools until Franklin's rescue found the access into the field. After a 20min the PT was extricated and removed from the field.
Opening up. The guide pole was found across the st. with the top half found hanging from a tree.

Pt being placed in the stokes basket.