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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flooding events in Yantic 03-30 &31-10

Late in the afternoon Norwich's Eng was notified of a car in the water with a occupant in the car. At that time NFD officer notified Car 3 of the incident and Yantic fire responded to Wawecus St and Clinton Ave, The car was in about 2.5 ft of moving water and rising, the vehicle was unable to move any more. Firefighter donned Cold water suits and used the safest transport vehicle at the time. Two firefighters entered the water and rescued the elderly occupant. Norwich's Engine company assisted with the rescue. This was one of the several rescue's made this day in several town's.
Video of one of the High water rescue's in the Yantic district yesterday.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Flood watch March 29th 2010

The Norwich area is expecting 8+ inches of rain the next 24 hrs. The Yantic River may reach 15ft this will be the highest in recorded history. Below I will post some photos as the river rises, if I can.8:AM Monday14:30 Monday17:3020:0022:30
Its coming up slow but they are saying another 4in, after the 3.88 so far. I think its at 9.6ft at 22:30Day correction Tuesday @ 13:22, Before the finale rise.Day Correction Tuesday around 19:00 final band of heavy rain.

I have more photos, Nothing great,( was a little Busy) One water rescue with a few pics that a friend took, I will work on them later and work to get caught up with the blog.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bozrah Brush Fire 03-19-10

Bozrah Fire responded to behind 496 Fitchville Road for the brush fire reportedly spreading rapidly with exposures at 14:00. Fire due found grass and bushes burning fairly fast about 2 ft from a large shed and about 20ft from a house. Crews had the fire under control with in minutes.

Fire House fridays with Fox 61 03-19-10

Fox 61 News Morning news cast on Friday's holds a live broadcast from fire stations around the state. On this day they visited the Yantic Fire Engine Company #1. The day started around 4am with the first news cast after 5am. Several live shots were broad cast from the hours of 5-9am. They were having some communication problems with their home base so some of the segments were short or not broad cast but still the highlights made out to the viewing public. I arrived just before the final broadcast, the car fire segment. Here are a few shots that I could take.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

City of Groton 1st Alarm 03-11-10

Around 21:00 City of Groton Fire, responded to 69 Virginia Ave reported Structure fire, fire from the Roof. 1st unit on scene reporting heavy smoke condition in the area suggesting a 1st alarm assignment. Crews encountered a fire in the attic of a 2.5 story wood frame. The fire was confined to the attic and the fire was under control in about 20mins.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New London 2nd Alarm + special calls 03-09-10

New London Fire responded to 283 Willetts Ave at 09:48 for a fire in the hall of a OMD, (a 3 story 150' x 40' brick apartment building) with in seconds several reports of people trapped on the 3rd floor was relayed by dispatch. Battalion 4 at that time told dispatch to tell the trapped occupants to close the doors and get to the window for rescue. First due reported fire showing from the building. At that time several occupant were also scene at the windows in need of rescue. Command requested a 2nd Alarm adding SBFD c-21 as FAST and a extra truck from Waterford (W-15) and several ambulances. NLFD crews started to place ground ladders and A-25 for rescue operations. As rescue operation commenced command requested 2 extra engines from Waterford. Over the next few mins fire entered the large Cock loft of the building (A new peek roof over a old flat roof). In the next hour command now A-1, Added 2 more truck co's W-55 and G-35 along with several engines and ambulances to the scene. During this time heavy fire raced above the 3rd floor and command with drew all crews and Attacked the fire in the defencive mode. until the fire was in check and crews reentered for final knock down. Several occupant were transported to L&M with known injuries.

I missed the fire, But looking for photos if you have any and would like to share them. Please e-mail me. Thanks Rob
More photos at NLFD and PGFD union sites They have several sections of photos use the scroll bar to see them all. Also added

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Jewett City W/F 03-06-10

Jewett City Fire While investigating a reported Brush fire, They noticed smoke coming from the rear of a large mixed occupancy wood frame building. Car 56 transmitted a W/F and a 1st alarm in a 3 story taxpayer corner of Main & Ashland St. The Restaurant was fully charged with smoke. Suspended ceilings with the old tin ceilings underneath. The fire was found to be located on 2nd floor porch, floor boards burned through with fire in void space between the floor and ceilings of storefronts below. Fire was quickly hit, but smoke had spread throughout this building making overhaul difficult and possible extension a real concern.

Hartford W/F 03-02-10

Hartford Engine 10 received a verbal alarm reporting a fire at 45 South St at 2220 hours. On their arrival they had a fire in the enclosed rear porches on floor's 2 & 3. Companies made a quick knockdown with minimal extension.