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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Southington, General Alarm 01-19-12

Southington, Ct. had this general alarm, about 1215 hours. They found a active fire within a large garage, that a local car club was renting. The club lost several cars in the fire.  Reportedly earlier in the day 2000 gallons of diesel fuel was delivered to the business.NFI

2010 Top photos.

The last year (2011) was a slow year for me. Missed or worked most of the fires in my area. The few that I was able to shoot along with two trips to Detroit, I was able to bring you some interesting shots. These 10 photos are some of the ones I liked from the past year. I would again thank those that are willing to share the photos that they were able to take. Just a reminder for full sets of my photos please check out


Detroit, MI Box Alarm 04-11

Moosup 2nd alarm 04-21-11

Test photo at Live burn, First set of fire photos from new camera.

Mystic St Patrick's Parade 03-20-11

Norwich, 2nd Alarm OMD 01-04-11

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Central Coventry RI W/F+ 01-12-12

Central Coventry RI, A working fire was transmitted for 1 Stuart Dr. First due reported two Patient with burn injuries. Fire was showing from one window extending rapidly. During this fire several firefighters bailed from the 2nd floor. Crews worked this fire for a few hrs. Both occupants were transported to the hospital. The fire is underinvestment. 
Photos provided by photographer.


Vernon 3 car MVA w/pin 01-15-12

Vernon fire - Ems responded to I84 W/B west of the exit 65 on ramp, for three vehicles MVA involving with 2 of them being rollover's. Life Star responded but after landing had mechanical problems and was unable to transport the injured person.


Bolton, Pin Job 01-13-12

Bolton fire, responded to this rollover accident at 1100 hours,  on RT85 IFO Fish Family Farm - car vs deer into trees.  The two occupants had to be removed using the Jaws of Life. One person was transported by ground and the other was transported by Life Star helicopter.

Manchester, 2nd alarm 1/11/12

Manchester fire had this 2nd alarm at 22 Bond St on 1/11/12 @0028 hours. Original call was for a structure on Myrtle St to the rear of 7-11. A second call reported the fire on Delmont St by 7-11. Unfortunately Manchester has two 7-11's on the same street. Occupants made it out safely.
More pictures @.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Occum, 2nd Alarm 01-12-12

Around 1:am Taftville fire was dispatched for a possible fire in the area of Canterbury and Old Canterbury RDs. Norwich Fire updated Car-2 it maybe a barn fire then stated that they now were receiving several calls and a few from I-395. Car-2 arrived and found at least three barns burning and reported that the fire is in the Occum's district. Yantic was started as FAST. As of 03:00 the fire is still active and will be under investigation.
Full Set of photos here
Taftville firefighters forcing entry to the property

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taftville, 2nd Alarm 01-11-12

Taftville fire was dispatched to 40 Canterbury Turnpike for a reported house fire. With in min's NPD patrol officer reported a fully involved house. Car 2 added Yantic with Mohegan Tribal for FAST. Car-3 confirmed a 2.5 story home fully involved. TFD set up in front of the building and Yantic laid in form a hydrant about 1500'ft down the road. Do to the heavy fire conditions and that the rear was starting to collapse a defensive operations was directed. Tower 25 set up on the A side and several 2.5s and blitz fire were operated on the house while lines cooled on both exposures. With checking with neighbors it was determined that the home was vacant. The home was heavily damaged and the fire is under investigation by Norwich and the state FMOs
The house is two below the pin on the map
Prior arrival
 One of the first lines being stretched

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plainfield (Wauregan Section) Atwood Hose District. W/F+ 01-09-12

Wauregan section of Plainfield, Atwood hose fire was dispatched for smoke in the area found the former fire station on fire at Wauregan RD at Chestnut at that time the assignment was upgraded too Moosup E194, L194, ET 294 - Mortlake ET190, ET 290 - Central Village for FAST. Do to building conditions and the amount of items in the building, the pre-plan called for do not enter. The building burned for several hours. Extra M/A was requested. The FMO is investigating.

 This building was the original Atwood Hose Firehouse back in 1896 and had been added onto through the years. Maloneys pic with the group of Firefighters to the left lower corner IS the original 1896 section of the building built by the then Wauregan Textile Company to house the 1896 hand drawn hose cart.

It has been used as a cafe, new-stand, coffee shop, doughnut store, cleaning supply building and pizza restaurant. It has been boarded up and abandoned for 15+ years.

Because it was labeled "Do Not Enter" we had a difficult time getting to all the fire. Again as Maloney stated it was packed with trash top to bottom. Definitely an elevated master stream application.

As I type this, the Plainfield FM has announced the cause of the fire was arson and is working with the State FM in the investigation

Thanks to all who helped with this stubborn deep seated fire.

Andrew R. Duval Sr.