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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Detroit MI, Box Alarm 11-01-11.

 Around 5:am after a slow night, of chasing some box's with little action. We dedicated to talk a slow ride to the motel, down Gratiot. A box was transmitted on a street two block behind us. We headed down the road and heard one of the companies state "we can see it" as they were leaving quarters then as they arrived gave fire threw out! We arrived with in a minute after that. to find a 2.5 story dwelling "FULLY INVOLVED" with fire towering over the the exposure. The first in engine worked the exposure building but had a hydrant problem, The 2nd due was directed to dump their monitor on the primary dwelling. The smell of Gasoline was strong in the street. The truck set up for master stream operations. After a short time the dwelling collapsed and the chimney just missed the firefighter in the yard.
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