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Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Forty Three leave's New London 04-25-11

F.D.N.Y Three Forty Three, cruises down the Thames River with New London, Ct. in the background. She was under repair at the Thames Shipyard for the last few weeks. She is heading back to the city, for fire duty.

Later I will post the full images to my Smugmug page.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moosup 2nd alarm 04-21-11

Around 08:45 Moosup fire responded to 39 Daggett St. for several report's of a building fire. First due arrived found heavy on the 3rd floor. At that time a 2nd alarm was requested. Crews work several room and large void space's in the front of this Victorian. Mossup's ladder 194, vented the "A" side of the building as Plainfield's tower 195 worked the "A-B" corner as Danielson's Tower worked the "D" Side venting and overhauling the outside of the 3rd floor. Engine and trucks worked the 3rd floor with extensive overhaul. Several pets were located and removed from the building as crews placed salvage covers on the lower floors. They worked the floor for over and hour to located all hidden pockets of fire. The fire is under investigation.
Full set of photos @ Laddsphotos
Conditions as the first line is stretched

A little bit of Boston in Moosup.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lisbon 2nd alarm 04-19-11

Lisbon fire was dispatched to 25 Kimball Height's RD for a chimney fire with extensions. QV received more report's and one from CSP of heavy fire from the roof. First due officer reported heavy fire and requested additional M/A and tankers. Fire took hold of the 2nd and first floor as water supply was established with drop tanks and a Tanker shuttle. Crews worked the home for several hours to extinguish the fire. The fire is under investigation.

Taftville W/F w/extra Engine 04-18-11

Around 18:30 Taftville Fire along with Occum and FAST from Yantic was dispatched to 20 Hunters Ave for a apartment building on fire. First due found smoke showing from the rear of a 3 story OMD. They located the fire in a 1 story section to the rear, with extension to the rear wall of the 3 story section. Command added a 2nd engine from Yantic. Taftville knocked down the fire in the one story section as Yantic and Occum worked to control the extension in the apartment's. Heavy damage was confined to the one story section that once was an attached store.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Detroit MI, Still Alarm, upgraded to a Box 04-02-11

About 13:30 A still alarm (1 & 1 response) was transmitted for Richton - Rosa Parks for a garage fire, First arriving companies found a garage fully involved with heavy fire to the rear of a 2.5 story dwelling extending to two more exposures. We got a late start to this fire, the main body of fire was knocked down when we arrived the two exposure buildings only minor damage.

Detroit MI, Box Alarm 04-02-11

Just after dark Detroit fire transmitted a Box for Columbus & Grand, River for a dwelling fire crew encountered heavy fire condition on the first floor. Crews forced entry and made entry, the fire was knocked down. We spent limited time on scene due to several boxes being transmitted at this time.
One firefighter encounter a little heat while in the building

Detroit MI, Box Alarm 04-02-11

Around Dusk Detroit fire Notified companies of a Box Alarm at1511 Holden near Trumball. Companies found heavy fire to the rear of the 2.5 story Vacant dwelling. The first line was deployed to the rear as the front doors were forced and a interior attack was established. Winds were about 10-15 which aided to the fire growth. At one point an engine crew operating on the 2nd floor was cut off from the front door, until the fire was knocked down. Exposure lines were placed in operation, command gave the order to go defensive, at that time tower 7 was placed in service.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Taftville 2nd Alarm w/Mayday 04-15-11

Around 04:00 Taftville fire was dispatched to 24 Harland PL for a house fire with occupants trapped. Taftville fire requested Full assignment from Yantic with Tribal FAST. First arriving fire officer reported a working fire, with minutes all occupants were accounted for (reportedly escaped from a 2nd floor window). Crews worked the first floor to knockdown the fire, As several firefighters accessed the 2nd floor for search and knockdown the main body of fire. During this time a firefighters leg broke threw the floor and he could not get out. A 2nd firefighter was trying to assist him, he too broke threw the floor and got entangled in wires in the first floor ceiling. The other firefighters can to their aid. As a Mayday was transmitted, Tribal FAST made their way to the 2nd floor area to free the two firefighters, one was placed in the bucket of the tower the 2nd was walked down the stairs. During this time a 2nd FAST was requested from Bozrah FD. Command shifted operations to a defensive mode until the fire was under control. The firefighter were evaluated and released. Norwich FMO is investigating the fire.
Just as the first floor was knocked down.Tower 25 lowering one of the firefighters to the ground, after removal from the 2nd floorFire and EMS work with one of the firefighters that were removed after breaking threw the floor

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scotland W/F 04-13-11

Scotland Fire w/MA dispatched to 23 Decker Hill Rd for a Barn fire. The first in firefighter reported that the "HOUSE" was going end to end, not the barn. Heavy fire consumed the home and the building collapsed on the "A,B & C" corner with minutes of arrival. A indoor pool to the rear slowed crews operating to the rear addition do to safety concerns. Tanker were called in and used until several draft sites were in operation. The fire was under control in about 1.5 hours, Local and state FMO's are investigating the cause.
Baltic ET-124 at Draft site 1Canterbury's ET at Draft Site #2