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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Groton, PGFD 2nd Alarm 11-27-11

425 Drozdyk Drive in Poquonnock Bridge District,  Windham Falls Estates. Dispatched as a electrical fire in the walls. The fire extended into the attic space and the fire reached a 2nd Alarm. The building is a 3 story apartment style elderly housing. Damage was confined to a few apartments. 

EGPFD, Car fire 11-08-11

EGPFD responded to Rt-82 near the McDonald's parking lot for a car fire. First due found a passengers compartment heavily involved. NFI

Hartford 2nd Alarm, 11-04-11

At 23:54  Hartford fire's Tac 1 was responding to a MVA and came upon this building fire at 433 Zion St. District 1 struck the 2nd alarm 1 minute after his arrival due too fire on all floors and the rear porches starting to collapse. An extra ladder co., was special called above the second. This building has been the scene of 2 working fires in the last 2 months. The audio from this fire can be heard at and more pictures are at

West Hartford, 3rd Alarm 11-03-11

West Hartford was dispatched to 46 Argyle St. for a house fire. The fire went too a 3rd alarm just before midnight. Mutual aid from Hartford, Farmington and UConn's cascade assisted at the scene.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Detroit MI, Box Alarm 11-01-11. 12843 Montville

Detroit Fire dispatched a Box for Montville and Buena Vista around 16:00.  We arrived as the engine was stretching, The truck head to the roof for ventilation. The officer from the truck informed the Chief that this was the third fire in a short distance and someone may be walking down the road and lighting vacant buildings. The fire was contained in a short time. This will was the last fire of our trip. We raced off to the airport to catch our ride home. This trip was slower then the past few years for the Devils night 3 day time line. The next few days the fire activity returned to normal.

Detroit MI, Box Alarm 11-01-11. Linwood and Tyler

While taking in a Box (see previous post) Crews reported this fire in a dwelling one block up at the intersection of Linwood and Tyler. The fire was in the rear of a 2.5 story brick extending to the attic. Crews vented the roof and and worked all floors to extinguish the fire.  As we were clearing a box four blocks over came in.

Detroit MI, Box Alarm 11-01-11. Linwood

Around 15:30 we were just fishing up with our urban exploring trip, a box came in 5 mins away on Linwood. As we were heading in crews arrived and reported a small fire in a bar and then reported a 2nd fire one block over on Linwood and Tyler, The bar fire assignment was reduced to 1and 1, and a 2nd box was dispatched for Linwood and Tyler we walked over to the 2nd fire.
View from where we parked on the 2nd fire the fire below was one block south

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Detroit MI, Box Alarm 11-01-11.

 Around 5:am after a slow night, of chasing some box's with little action. We dedicated to talk a slow ride to the motel, down Gratiot. A box was transmitted on a street two block behind us. We headed down the road and heard one of the companies state "we can see it" as they were leaving quarters then as they arrived gave fire threw out! We arrived with in a minute after that. to find a 2.5 story dwelling "FULLY INVOLVED" with fire towering over the the exposure. The first in engine worked the exposure building but had a hydrant problem, The 2nd due was directed to dump their monitor on the primary dwelling. The smell of Gasoline was strong in the street. The truck set up for master stream operations. After a short time the dwelling collapsed and the chimney just missed the firefighter in the yard.
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