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Monday, June 26, 2006


I would like to thank all of you for visiting my blog. The blog has up and running for about six months now. During this time I have posted over 40 emergency related incidents, and added some new gifs, but this site is limited on adding some items, but FREE.

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June MVA reveals Hazard

Yantic CT. I 395 S/B just north of the Exit 82 ramp, two car MVA, two transported with minor injuries, while surveying the scene it was determined the SUV came to rest on a light pole base and the wires were entangled under the vehicle / frame work. The pole light was sent approx 70’ into the heavily wooded area off the side of the road and was noticed during the safety walk around, The scene was secured DOT Electrical was called to secure the power, I 395 S/B was down to one lane for 2 hour waiting for DOT.
This hazard may have not been found with out a proper size-up of the
vehicle and the scene surroundings.
Only visible from below the vehicle, the base of the street light and electrical wires. In the past cars have been found to be energized from just contact with these poles.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Norwich Drowning, Yantic river. 6-16

At 18:05hrs Norwich was dispatched for a drowning at the Yantic Falls off Yantic St. On arrival it was reported that a male had fallen into the water and had gone under the water at the base of the upper falls. This was witnessed by a friend. Norwich fire & police personal secured safety lines across the river just south of the location, they positioned two firefighters in cold water suits for scene observations. Due to the river conditions and depth, the CSP dive team was dispatched to the scene and arrived at around 18:55hrs. 1 Victim was transported to Backus for evaluation of a unknown medical condition. At around 21:45hrs CSP divers recovered the victim and brought him to shore.

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Occum, 395 NB rollover. 6-16-06

Friday Occum and Yantic responded to 395 between ex-82 & 83. Crews found a passenger car up the embankment on its roof. The occupant managed to crawl out on her own, She was treated for minor injuries and transported to Backus Hospital by American. The photo's below show the ride she took before coming to a rest about 300' from the location she lost control.
The car hit the tree to the right. Crews remove of the patient.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Norwich, 2nd Alarm house fire. 6-12-06

A two-alarm fire in the City of Norwich tore through the first floor of a house at 5 Gardners Court around 7:35 Sunday night. Firefighter made an aggressive attack and knocked down the main body of fire in several minutes, firefighters dealt with flair-ups and some minor extension. Car-1 called for a 2n alarm which brought East Great Plain fire department in for manpower. Several firefighters suffered minor burns and some exertion injuries. The fire was placed under control with-in one hour.
Firefighters prepair to enter with the 2nd line.
The OVM takes out the 2nd floor windows.
A kerosene heater burns on the front porch.
The fire flairs up in a back room on the first floor.
Firefighters open up the porch roof to look for exstention.
SQ-A crew members take a breather.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Waterford House fire, 6-04-06

Quaker Hill, Bloomingdale Rd. Waterford fire departments responded for a house fire. On arrival found a active fire in a 1 story house. Crew knocked down all visible fire in the garage and entrance area as a crew worked to vent the roof. Crews found a double roof with fire extending in this location. The fire was under control in about one hour. (Responding departments were, Waterford companies, Montville, Oakdale, and for FAST was Mohegan tribe and 2nd due Fast was the Subase.) Firefighters advance a hose line to the roof , to extinguish
the fire in a void space.Firefighters work to open up the roof.