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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lisbon W/F 2sty PD 05-30-07

Around 10:am Lisbon fire responded to Kinsman Rd. for a reported house fire. First in officer found smoke showing from the 2nd floor. crews from Lisbon and Occum knocked down the fire in several mins. Crews vented the 2nd floor and roof, then worked the void spaces hunting down pockets of fire with in the walls. M/A from Occum, Baltic, Taftville,Tankers from Canterbury Griswold. other agencies CSP and American Rehab
Taftville FAST

Taftville opening up the roof

Baltic firefighters

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yantic, basement fire 1sty W/F PD 05-29-07

Monday afternoon, Yantic fire was dispatched to Huntington Ave., for a report of smoke coming from the basement. On arrival C-38 reported light smoke showing, Eng-32s crew streached in a 1 3/4 line and knocked down the fire, incoming companies vented the building with fans. Norwich FMO is investigating. Also reponding Mohegan FAST, NPD and American Ambulance.

Past training

I usually post these when it gets slow, but due to the amount of incidents and the time I have held on to these, I have decided to post them now.
ICE Rescue training Subase fire

A VERRRY cold day around 10 degs
SBFD Live fire training with Mystic

SBFD Live fire training "A" shift

Tanker shuttle training w/state in Bozrah

Sunday, May 27, 2007


FIREFIGHTER HISTORY, STORIES AND MEMORIES. If your into history of the fire service and are intrested in finding out what older tools or other items were used for, check out this site. He has over 400 post, if your board.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

LODD -Waterbury Captain 5-22-07

Connecticut Firefighter Dies From Injuries in Collision
Updated: 05-22-2007 10:21:49 AM

It is with deep regret that I must report that Waterbury Fire Capt. John Keane has answered his last alarm.

Story by
Waterbury Fire Department - IAFF Local 1339
Captain John Keane
One of the two firefighters still hospitalized after a collision between two fire trucks has died, NBC 30 News reported. Capt. John Keane died about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday from his injuries, fire officials confirmed to NBC 30 News.
The crash happened at 10:42 a.m., Saturday when a replacement vehicle collided with a ladder truck. Both vehicles were carrying firefighters who were responding to a report of a kitchen fire. The two vehicles were traveling at high speeds when they collided. Firefighter Joseph Fischetti and Keane were ejected from one of the vehicles. Fischetti is still hospitalized and other firefighters were treated and released from the hospital.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Yantic TT-rollover 05-21-07

Around 6:am Yantic fire was dispatched to RT-2&32 @ exit 28 N, for a tractor trailer rollover. On arrival crews found the occupant being removed by CSP & passer buyers. crews set up ladders to gain access to the drivers side door. Due to his injuries he was back boarded and placed in a stokes then lowered to the ground. Then he was transferred to American Ambulance
and transported to Backus hospital.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Moosup w/f on Roof of mill. 05-19-07

11:20, Moosup Fire and several M/A companies, were dispatched on a first alarm building fire at the Griswold Rubber Company. They found a power line had blown and started a small fire on the roof of a one story section along the river. crews gained access to the fire area from the 2nd floor window after the power was secured, they extinguished the fire.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Attawaugan, House fire Vacant 05-16-07

Around 20:00 Killingly, Attawaugan section, Heavy fire on arrival with in the old farmhouse, but quickly knocked down by first due engine co. Crews from Dayville Fire Co. East Killingly, South Killingly, East Putnam, City of Putnam for the Fast Team, Gloucester RI and East Brooklyn (R-192 for the Cascade System).


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yantic W/F PD, 05-14-07

I have decided to make a short video should be up by Saturday
having some problems with it I'm hoping for sunday??

Around 5:pm Yantic fire was dispatched for house fire w/occupants still inside of the building at 2 Deepwood Dr (a non-hydrant area). While enroute heavy smoke could be visible for miles, (depending on your location). Tankers and additional companies were started. First in officers reported heavy smoke showing. ( All occupants were accounted for). The fire already consumed the sun porch and was spreading too the upper floors, Crews made a short attempted to a interior attack but were pushed out due to conditions. The fire spread rapidly to the front of the house due to winds, crew set-up for a defencive operations, as a water supply was being established. A tanker shuttle was used, from hydrants over 1 mile away. Before the shuttle was operational tank water was depleted. With in mins the enter house was involved. I will be adding more photos and possible some Video later.

Before arrival, photo taken about 2 mins after tone.

(Note: photographer lives on street) Top two is the view for incoming units
About 5-8 mins

Tower - 25ET-125 Tribal FAST w/E-31
T Barss setting up the deck gun

Video from Spencer.

Tower 25 with wind fed fire blowing out of the building
I would like to thank Pat, Pete, Spencer and anyone else that provided photos from this fire. I worked this fire so it was almost impossible for me to take any shots during
the height of the incident.
Keep them coming, Without you guys we would miss more of the action.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Danielson, Car fire w/exsposures 05-06-07

At around 1400 hrs QV started to receive reports of multiple vehicles on fire at the address 97 Cottage St. in Danielson. The initial call was just for Danielson but with the vehicle being 3 feet from the residence, it was changed to a first alarm assignment. ET-161 secured the hydrant at Cottage and High St. as the fire was quickly knocked down holding the alarm to just Danielson. There was no extension into the residence and the Killingly FMO is investigating.
Information by Josh Maloney

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Norwich, W/F 1.5 story PD 05-08-07

Early Monday morning Norwich fire responded to 7 John St. for a reported house fire. When HQ was pull out the doors SQ-A reported a working fire, (John St is located on the hill side across from HQ). When they arrived at the 1½-story wood-frame home, flames were shooting out of the second floor rear entrance. Firefighters made the push from the rear door to knock down the fire conditions with in mins. Other crews vented the seconded floor and searched the home. The 2nd floor rear was gutted and extensive damage to the front section. One resident suffered burns while trying to exstingushed the fire. Also responded Mohegan Tribal for FAST, American & Norwich PD.

New Eng-2, 2007 Farrara