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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poquonnock (Groton) 1st Alarm Brush fire 02-26-12

PBFD was dispatched to a brush fire on the board walk near Depot RD. PGs Fort Hill station found a active brush fire behind the station heading to the direction of Bluff Point. G-38 requested a first alarm brush fire response with recall of off duty FFs. The fire was threatening several homes and out buildings and the bridge along the boardwalk. M/A companies responded and set up South East of the station to help control the wind fed fire. Several calls from concerned residences about the fire nearing the homes came into dispatch. The fire was under control in about 30 mins, minor damage to some out buildings and fences. The fire is under investigation.

Manchester W/F 02-25-12

Manchester fire was dispatched around 09:20 to 18 Hunniford St they found a burning up the the rear of the building. The fire was confined to the area of the chimney. NFI

Windsor W/F 02-15-12

Windsor fire was dispatched to 18 woodland Park at 10:10 am for a house fire units found a active fire in the garage. In a short time the had the fire under control.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Waterford 2nd Alarm 02-24-10

 Waterford fire companies worked this 2nd alarm fire at 5 Manitock Hill Rd around 08:40, First arriving firefighters found a 2.5 story house up a 400+ft driveway with fire showing from the C & D sides. A request was made for town brush trucks do to the conditions of the driveway. Hand-lines were stretched buy hand and pulled buy the arriving brush trucks up the driveway. Crews made entry for a search and fire attack but were pulled out do to fire conditions, collapse of a roof section and a delay in water supply. After a short time the fire was controlled and operations changed to overhaul. Two firefighters were injured, four pets perished and one occupant stated that he was in a room on the 2nd floor and heard the cat discovered the fire then escaped out a 2nd floor window. The home was heavily damaged and the fire is under investigation by the FMO. All Waterford fire Companies responded along with Flanders and Subase as Fast.

Monday, February 20, 2012

East Lyme W/F 02-20-12

  East Lyme dispatch notified Flanders and Niantic fire of a two car garage fire at 8 Morris Lane first arriving reported a working fire, Several explosions where heard, coming from the garage.  The fire jump to the main section of the home and attic. One firefighter was injured during the fire. NFI

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New London W/F 02-12-12

Station A dispatched a reported house fire with a occupant possible trapped on the 2nd floor around 15:00 for 18 Holly Terrace. New London fire responded A-31, 11, 25 and A-100 in South district. A-11 reported the fire is free burning, The Battalion upgraded the assignment to add A-21, 200 and C-21 (Subase) for Fast. Crews made entry to search and attack the fire. One crew found the occupant and removed them from the dwelling. They were transported to L&M NFI on the occupant. NLFD knocked down the fire in a short time. The fire is under investigation by the NL,FMO

Saturday, February 11, 2012

City of Groton, 1st Alarm 02-11-12

 City of Groton fire responded to Rt 12 #255 the Elegant Nails Beauty Salon for a possible fire, while en route. Fire Alarm notified companies that they were receiving multiple calls. At that time it was upgraded to a Box Pulse.  C-21 was first due and reported fire showing from the building. During this time the incident was upgraded to an 1st Alarm. C-21 stretched a 2.5 on a two story commercial structure. Several M/A companies responded and added with overhaul and search of the building. The fire was confined to business what was involved. The fire is under investigation.


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Friday, February 10, 2012

New Britain, 2nd Alarm 02-10-12

New Britain fire responded to East St & Belden St around 1145 hours for a building explosion. A 2nd alarm was sounded on arrival. 

Manchester, 8th district 3-10-12

 Manchester, Ct (8th District FD) responded to Manchester Auto Body. 185 Main St at 1539 hours. Heavy fire conditions were encountered. The also fire extended to a attic of an exposure. NFI.

 Manchester FD was assigned the 2nd fire

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Groton Rollover MVA 02-08-12

Groton: I -95 NB MVA 2 cars and tanker truck with #2 fuel oil on board rolled over. Scene still active. More info will be posted later. Photo by Mike Spinnato

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Location:I-95 NB exit 88-89

Monday, February 06, 2012

East Hartford 2nd Alarm 02-02-12

At 23:58 East Hartford, Squad 1 struck the second alarm on arrival for 47 Judson Ave. They encountered heavy fire conditions. NFI
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