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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stonington Ct. W/F 08-17-16

Around 09:00, Wequetequock Fire and M/A was dispatched to 464 Greenhaven Rd. For a fire at the residence, First due found a 2 story garage on fire, to the rear of the address. Crew got the engine as close as possible and stretched the rest of the way in. Fire had broken through the roof and vented out the 2nd floor access door in the front. With in a few minutes the core of the fire was darkened down and the crews worked on hot spots. The fire is under investigation.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Willimantic 2nd Alarm+ 08-01-16

Willimantic Fire was dispatched to Ash and North St's for several calls for a vacant house on fire around 14:00. Car-1 arrived to find a 2.5 story vacant house with heavy fire to the rear on 2 floors. A 2nd alarm was transmitted soon after. Engine 301 placed a 2.5 in-service to the "B" side. After a evaluating the scene and with prior history of the building it was decided not too enter the building. UConn tower 122, Tower 101and Truck 1 took positions on 3 sides of the building, With a heavy over growth, of tree's this hampered truck operations. The fire extended into the void spaces and attic. The fire was under control, in about two hrs, and under investigation.

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