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Saturday, April 29, 2006

DOD Fire apparatus Navy/Army

Below are more photos from the Navy (Hampton Roads area VA) and Army (FT Leavenworth KS). I have had some request on the Types of government (DOD) Fire apparatus. So the two following post are a sample of some the DOD Stock fire apparatus. Their are many more some custom and others home made. But thanks for your request and hope you stop back. Pierce Arrow 100' tiller, Ladder 1 Naval Base Norfolk, VA2005 Oshkosh TA-3000, Naval Base Norfolk, VA Older TA-3000 Oshkosh, Naval Base Norfolk, VANorfolk Base VA, 2 new Oshkosh T-1500 crash trucks (Red), Pierce Dash (this is a common pumper), 2 Oshkosh P-19 crash trucks (yellow). Naval Base Norfolk, VAPortsmouth Naval Base VA, 2 Pierce pumpers, Pierce tower.Navy E-one squirt 2003FT Leavenworth KS HQ R-1 Supervac, Brush 1 E-one Jackrabbit, Eng-1 E-one Pumper.
Haz-mat/command post, trailer

DOD Fire apparatus

Submarine Base Fire Department Groton/New London CT, fire apparatus.
C-11 International/Pierce Contender 2004
C-25 Pierce Arrow 55' squirt 1994
C-15 Pierce Arrow 105' Ladder
C-12 KME 1994
C-26 Ford/Pierce Haz-mat 1994
C-100 Ford Ambulance

Will post later
C-21 Pierce Dash 1988 pumper

Monday, April 24, 2006

Yantic, Rt 2&32 Bus Crash

Sunday, April 24 around 8pm Yantic responded for a passenger Bus vs rock ledge. Car 3 & Eng 32 arrived and found the bus with moderate damage to the divers area of the bus. The only occupant was the driver, he sustained minor injuries. He was transported by American to Backus Hospital.

Norwich Grove Place April 22 / added photos

The following are some added photos from the Grove Place 2nd Alarm fire on April 22 about 20:30 hrs. I was only on location for about 35mins. I left after Side "B" side collapsed. So enjoy your viewing. Norwich Command Car 1, Car 10 & SQ-A shift captain
(the spots are from ash and water falling to the ground)
Side A, Apartment 2 front door

Engine 2 Hooking up their supply lineSide "A" Apartment 1 Heavy fire breaks through the plywood.

Firefighters work the rear of the building & exposure.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Norwich Grove Place Vacant house fire April 22

The City of Norwich responded to a report of a fire in a vacant house at 11 Grove Place. Upon arrival, SQ-A reported fire on 3 floors and began master stream operations . Car-10 requested a 2nd alarm for Taftville, Mohegan Tribe for FAST and East Great Plain was placed in HQ for coverage. Crews laid 4- 5in supply lines, placed deckguns, tower 1, and exposure lines into operation. Crews prevented the fire from spreading to exposure B, which was about 10ft from the fire building. There was a partial collapse of the fire building about 20 minutes after initial attack. Crews remaned on scene for several hours. Norwich fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.
Heavy fire showing from side B & C
SQ-A member works the deck gun on side D of the building
Tower 1 operating on Grove St.
Norwich firefighters work the rear of the building & protect the exposure.
Heavy fire showing from the building prior to building collapse.
Side-A, after left side building collapsed.

Photo's may change on monday after The develement of my film

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mohegan FD, Apartment fire April 22

About 12 noon on Sat. April 22. Montville Departments responded to Shantok apartments in the Mohegan section for an kitchen fire. Firefighter found smoke coming from the end unit of this OMD. A quick knockdown by crews prevented major damage.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Groton Rt-12 Fatal MVA

Nov 23, 2005 Groton CT. Rt-12 & Pleasant valley RD south a two car MVA w/entrapment, Crews found one male trapped in his car after being rearended by the 2nd car. He was transported by Lifestar helicopter to Backus Hospital, were he was pronounced deceased. Crews from Poquonnockbridge, Subase, City of Groton, Groton Ambulace and L&M Medics were utitlized on the scene.
Photos by Jim Monroe.

Old Mystic Nov 05

Old Mystic, pumpkin Hill Rd. A one story house was found with heavy fire showing, One occupant was fatal injured when they was filling their kerosene heater. Companies that responded were Old Mystic, Mystic, North Stonington, Submarine Base and New London for 2nd FAST.G-61G-65 setting up and crew making entry at the front door
Crews take a break after knockdown

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Occum 395 MVA

Thursday April 13, 2006.
Occum Fire Department responded for a report of a car vs. Tractor trailer on 395 North bound after Scotland RD overpass. Upon arrival they found a car in the travel lane, about 300ft behind a TT unit with heavy damage and one passenger with fatal wounds trapped w/in the car. A request from the OIC for Yantic's Rescue and one engine for scene support and extrication. 395N&S was reduced down to two lanes for several hours for traffic control, this caused traffic back-up's for about 3 hours.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Training Shots

Below are a group of photos from recent training events that I attended with the Subase & Yantic fire departments.Submarine Base firefighters train on firefighter self rescue with the new Gemtor harness and rope bags.
Submarine Base Firefighters at a recent roof training for the new members.
Subase firefighters at a recent RAD CON Drill, remove
a patient from a Submarine.

Yantic firefighters practice removal of a victim from a roof
Yantic Firefighters during a recent FAST training drill, practice
removal through the floor by rope.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Training info

For all that maybe interested in training materials, Sops, Powerpoints, word documents, MS publisher files, just about everything that you might need for your department. This information is made by firefighters for firefighters and for your use. The thanks goes to captain Pat O'Brien of the Submarine Base Fire Department for finding this information.