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Friday, July 31, 2009

Noank Boat Explosion 07-31-09

At 07:20 Noank and Groton Long Point responded to the Noank Shipyard on Pearl Street. For a report of a boat explosion with fire and a burn victim. Upon arrival of Eng-42 at Dock "C", heavy fire was shooting from the boat, crews stretched a 1 3/4 handline to contain the fire to the boat of origin. A First alarm was requested by G-4 (Chief Steel) for do to the exposure problem and the heavy fire conditions. Mystic River ambulance and L&M medics transported the Victim with burns to L&M Hospital, Later he was transferred to Bridgeport Burn Center. The fire was fed by Diesel fuel and boating material. After a short time the fire was placed under control. The Boat was purchased about a week ago, List price was about $150.000

More photos: Here
The center boat burns with exsposures on both sidesFirefighters work off pier to extinguish the cabin fire. Noank Eng 41 & 42 along with Subase C-25Firefighter vent the bow of the boat to exspose in the cabin fire.Diesel fuel continues to burn as firefighters use foam for final knockdown. Dep, firefighters and Boat yard workers set up containment booms for fuel and foam in the waterway.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Appartous update July 2009

Playing catch-up with some photos over the summer. Some are from the NE Chiefs Show during the rainy day. Not the best photos, but I will still share them with you.
Bantam Manchester, NH

American Ambulance New Medic Guilford VT, Peirce Contender Electric Boats de-watering truck

Mystic (BF Hoxie) Pick-up Cert vehicle. Wallingford Ct Wilson' Steamer (under restoration) Wilson Tac 7 Former Stark Hose VT.

Revisiting Union St Norwich

I received some photos from the early minute's of the Union St. The photos were taken during the roof mayday. You will see the truck company up on the roof as the fire impinges on the roof ladder to the rear of the "D" side. With in minutes the engine made the knockdown and the truck company made their way down the ground ladder. Thanks Jon for the photos

Monday, July 20, 2009

Manchester MC 07-20-09

Manchester fire responded Quint 3 and Engine 1 to a M/C accident at 1068 Parker St. @ 10:25. One person was transported.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manchester W/F 07-16-09

Manchester fire responded to 140 Butternut Rd at 21:44 hrs to find this home with heavy fire showing. There was a fierce thunder storm in the area with alot of lightning and the fire was feed by a propane leak in the rear of the home. The occupant and his dog were removed by FD members on their arrival. More pictures at www.squadfirephotos.smugmug.comBefore the engines arrival

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Montville car fire, 07-15-09

Montville & Mohegan Fire responded to 395 NB at the rest area for a car fire around 10:30. on arrival they found a engine compartment fire extending into the passengers compartment.
Photos from camera phone.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bozrah, MC vs car w/fire 07-08-09

Around 15:00 Bozrah Fire was dispatched to Rt-82 and South RD for two motorcycles vs a car with fire. Upon arrival car-26 found one motorcycles down and one patient on the side of the road, the fire was knocked down by bystanders with ABC's. East Great Plain was requested M/A do to the location with in the town of Bozrah. The PT was packaged and transported to Backus Hospital.

Waterford Train incident 07-08-09

08:52 All Waterford Companies were requested for a Train vs a Pedestrian in the area of Jordan Cove,(Jordon District) The address to enter the scene was 74 Jordan Cove Rd. The person was deceased on scene. The incident is under investigation.
Area of incident (Note: The train in photo is not the actual train involved)

New London W/F 07-08-09

Around 07-30 New London Fire responded to 57 Montauk Ave for apartment fire, they found a active fire, in the first floor. After knocking down the the fire they found extension on the 2nd floor. The truck company opened up the exterior wall and vented the roof. C-25 Was added for FAST.SBFD C-25 FAST Team