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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jewett City 1st alarm w/special calls 01-25-10

At 23:20 Jewett City fire, along with Lisbon and Griswold responded to 124 Main St (RT-12) for a building fire. On arrival they encountered Heavy fire showing from the front of the store section of a deceiving 3 story wood, mix use building. M/A was then request from Taftville. Parts of the building was about 100 years old with a large addition for apartments. Crews worked the fire for about 45mins until the fire took control of the building forcing Firefighters out. At this time command ordered everyone out and went defensive in the operations. Several Hose tenders were added to the incident for water supply. Crews worked the fire into the early morning hours. It has been reported that at least two firefighter received minor injuries. The Local and State FMO's are investigating.
This is the rear 3 story section we heard them talk about on the radio
More Photos from Vilma49

Jewitt City W/F 01-25-10

Just in to the New room... Fire still active as of 00:34 Working fire on Rt-12 large 3 story wood Frame. Still laying lines. More to follow. I'm working so I miss another one.......

From Josh Mahonie

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Norwich 2nd Alarm w/special request 01-23-10

Around 18:15, Norwich Fire responded to 65 Prospect Street for a reported Major structure fire 3rd floor full involved. Eng-2 arrived to heavy fire conditions in the rear of the large frame dwelling. A 2nd alarm was requested (Taftville FD) responded to the scene. During the fire extra engines were requested from Yantic and Laurel Hill. The fire consumed the home and was later demolished. Before arrival
(time off by 1hr)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yantic W/F 01-23-10

Around 04:11 Yantic fire was dispatched to Rogers RD., for a reported building fire. While en route NPD reported that the building was full involved and starting to spread into the woods. At this time Car-3 requested several tankers and a Ladder from EGPFD. Upon arrival of Eng-32 they found a 20x20 Barn with heavy fire starting to collapse. The fire was knocked down with in minutes and during overhaul the tanksrs and the ladder was used to give the site a good soking. The Local and State FMO is investgating. added resorsces Franklin Bozrah (tankers) Taftville and Occum ( due to the dispatcher adding them).

Norwich W/F 01-22-10

Norwich Fire. Responded to 233 Yantic St., adjacent to the Indian Leap falls. For fire coming from the basement, Fire was found in the walk-out basement area of a duplex. Fire was knocked down is a short time with minor extension to the # 1 floor. The occupants are being assisted by the local Red Cross.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New London, Car fire. 01-19-10

New London Fire, Engine 21 extinguished this minor car fire at 567 Colman St. The owner was driving to work.. Smelled smoke, figured it was his car.. no big deal.. Until about 09:15, when a customer saw smoke coming from a parked car. The staff from the rental company tried to put it out with Dry-chem extinguisher, but it was still smoldering. Called 911, NLFD arrived, ripped out the seats, which were smoldering. Was on fire from below, under seat. The catalytic coverter was the cause of the fire.

Hartford 2nd alarm 01-20-10

Hartford fire operated at this 2nd alarm about 0235 hrs at 650 Prospect St. Fire was in the walls and companies had to chase it.

Manchester W/F 01-16-10

Manchester, Ct responded to 542 Woodbridge St at 1030 hours for this room and contents fire.