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Monday, August 13, 2018

East Great Plain Fire Departments 75th Anniversary Parade. 08-11-18

East Great Plain Fire Departments, 75th Anniversary Parade was help on Saturday August 11th at 5pm, With luck about a 3 hr window of good weather decided to poke its head out this weekend of heavy rains. During the short dry spell, the parade kicked off at 5pm, about 20 mins after it was over the heaven opened up again. Below are a few photos, for the full set see Laddsphotos .

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Danielson, 2nd Alarm 08-01-18

Around 12pm Danielson Fire with M/A, was dispatched for afire in a dwelling at 38 Kent St. Crews arrived to find heavy fire coming from an enclosed porch, extending rapidly into the main section of the home. Crew made entry and knocked down the fire on the main floor, but the fire in the attic eventually weakened the roof and command, withdrew companies and went defensive. Shortly after, crews reentered and opened up to search for hot spots. The fire is under investigation by the FMO.
For more photos, Laddsphoto

Taftville, 2nd Alarm 07-22-18

On Sunday 07/22/2018 at 19:03 hrs, Taftville was dispatched to a building fire at 33 Frank St. Members were in the station for a meeting at the time of the alarm and could see the smoke from the station. ET-21 and Tower-25 arrived within 2 minutes of the alarm to find fire involving the breezeway, extending up the rear to the 2nd floor. Attack lines were deployed and fire suppression began. Due to many factors such as weather, Poor hydrant pressure, Etc a 2nd alarm was requested by Chief Jencks, which brought Occum, Yantic, City Eng-2 and Mohegan Tribe into the scene. Due to this house being located on a hill with little hydrant pressure. Occum was instructed to lay a supply line from South B St into the scene and pump the water up the hill. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes from time of alarm. One firefighter was treated and transported for a illness due to weather. The cause in under investigation.
(Information from Taftville Fire Department)

Friday, July 06, 2018

Franklin Tanker rollover with Nitrogen leak. 07-06-18

Around 10:30 Franklin fire was dispatched to Rt-32 and New Park for a Nitrogen Tanker rollover, that was being towed, (after a it caught fire in Clinton). The tow truck lost control of the tanker and it the tanker flipped over and started to leak. Rt-32 was closed and several business were closed. M/A from Yantic, HT-6 from Laurel Hill was requested, for water supply. It was Decided by CTDEEP to let the gas bleed off. Once the tank got to a safe level, the tanker was up-righted and placed on a flatbed trailer. The road was closed for several hours.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Taftville, 2nd Alarm 06-29-18

At 11:15hrs this morning, Taftville fire was dispatched to 50 Norwich Ave for a building fire. Upon confirmation of a working fire by the PD and numerous 911 calls, the alarm was upgraded adding Norwich Eng-2, Truck-1, Batt-1, Occum ET-42, Eng-41, Mohegan Tribal FAST and Yantic Eng-33 for station coverage. Taftville Car-20, 28,ET-21, Tower-25, & ET-22 responded. Crews stretched hoselines to the fire room and extinguished the fire. All occupant got out safe and no injuries were reported. We would like to Thank Norwich Local 892, Occum fire, Yantic and Mohegan Tribe for their assist. Everyone's prompt respond made for a quick resolution to this incident that could of been worst due to the size of the house and weather conditions. The cause is under investigation.
(info source Taftville FD)

 Eng-2 (NFD)